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Natural Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hello and Hi!! It's nearly Ramadhan and it's exciting!!! Haha, besides for religious reason, usually Ramadhan is one of the ways to lose weight. LOL. I have to lose this Ramadhan, like no matter what.

Welcoming Ramadhan, I would like to share a natural eye makeup tutorial for you. Usually, since Moslems are forbidden to eat and drink during the day, of course it will affect our physical appearance. Lack of water and nutrition makes our body a bit weak which resulted in tired-looking face and dry lips. 

Eyes are the window to the soul.
And yes it is scientifically proven that eyes are really the windows to our soul. So it is important to take care of our eyes and beautify as it represents our soul.

If we're weak or tired, it is instantly shown through our eyes. And yes, it might be worse during Ramadhan 'cause we will be lack of water and food. So, why don't you try this natural eye makeup to brighten up your eyes during the holy month?

My eyes are naturally big with double eyelids, but unfortunately I have down-turned eye shape which makes me sleepy all the time.

So, I decided to wear 1-Day Acuvue Define Accent Style. It has brownish color which accentuates my eyes, so pretty!! Actually it has become my favorite lens among all three variants from 1-Day Acuvue Define (read my first experience with Natural Define on: My First Experience with 1-Day ACUVUE DEFINE & Accent Style on: 1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™ Media Launch).


Please note that I didn't use any makeup before and after using 1-Day Acuvue Define. It's just eyelash extension on both pictures. But, as you can see the difference is pretty significant, my eyes become more prominent and 'prettier'. I naturally have dark brown eyes so having lighter color of brown eyes makes me happier!
Should we start?


I actually do not have any eye makeup base, so I just use the liquid concealer. If you don't have the eye base as well, you can also try this.


As for the eyeshadow, I used Eyeshadow palette from Studio Makeup, it has natural shades which are perfect for natural eye look.

I choose the medium shade with shimmering effect for the eyelid

This will give my eyes sparkling look, freshens up my whole appearance

And matte dark brown one for the outer eye corner

This will give my eyes 'lift' as it creates illusion of upward outer corner


Now the highlight!

Apply it on the inner eye corner to create fresher look
I also put it on the upper part of eyelid to give my eyes more boost.

Using small brush, I take the medium shade again

Apply it right under the eyelash line to create 'kawaii' look

Add shimmer white eyeliner to give my eyes more sparkles

Blend it with brush

Apply liquid eyeliner to define my eyes

Add mascara for even prettier final look
 Since I'm still on eyelash extension, I use non-waterproof mascara.

Can you see the difference? 

I love how the lens gives dramatic difference already (even without makeup). Actually my eyes are 'opened up' already without makeup. So those days when I'm too lazy to put makeup on, wearing 1-Day Acuvue Define Accent Style is already more than enough. It gives my eyes boost!

But since I also have problem with my down-turned eyes, so I decided to give it more boost with natural eye makeup.

Here's the final look!

So, are you ready for Ramadhan, ladies?

5 komentar:

  1. Matanya nggak keliatan fake deh, bagus banget!! Keliatan natural! Boleh juga buat acara bukber plus lebaran!

  2. Keren banget Tia! Aku suka deh bener-bener matanya bercahaya banget.....

  3. bagus dan natural banget! Ngga kelihatan berlebihan untuk acara bukber.

  4. Gilak ! Jadi berbinar-binar gitu mata nya kak tia...cantik :D sukaaaa

  5. Wiii cakep banget kaaak! Cocok buat bukber lucu gitu yaaa. Ga berlebihan tapi tetep kece.


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