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MOVIE: The Age of Adaline

On June 17th 2015 I got a chance to attend the premiere of Blake Lively's latest movie: The Age of Adaline from Clozette Indonesia; fashion social network.

You might remember Blake Lively as the enchanting Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl and I think her character is always like that. Indeed in this movie, she plays as Adaline Bowman; a woman who stops grow old after her 29th year and remain 29 years old for almost 8 decades. 

She's been living a solitary existence without allowing herself to get close to anyone who might reveal her secret. But of course this movie wouldn't exist if there's no change to that. She encounters a charismatic philantropist named Ellis Jones and she found her passion for life and love again.

But everything seems so perfect until she meets Ellis' parents (Father is played by Harrison Ford, like OMG). Eventually the meeting threatens her existence as it turns out that Ellis' father is Adaline's ex-fiancé. 

The movie is 7/10 in my opinion. The story is kinda predictable and I somehow get annoyed by the narration. I mean yes, it helps to cope up with the story, but well, it destroys the whole movie as well.

I should appreciate the idea of this movie though, having a love fantasy movie is seldom to be found though. And it's fresh. 

What I really love is the costume. Love it to the moon and back. Blake Lively is the queen here. Adaline's style from year to year is all gorgeous and mesmerizing. Not only the style, but also the whole appearance like accessories, hair style, and makeup.

These are some of my most favorite Adaline's look:

This is actually from scenes where Adaline was still with Ellis' father. I love the whole look here, I think it must be 1970s. Love the hair, love the jeans, and love the hair band!

Another one is from Adaline's early year, from when she still ages. It was 1920s. Love the flapper dress and hair as well. It's soooo vintage but doesn't seem to be old. It's just classic.

Fast forward to year 2010s, it's present day when Ellis saw her for the first time on the stairs in front of the library. Her style is similar to those vintage pin up girls with that dress along with cardigan.

And though I don't really like this look. This below look stole my attention because the coat looks really similar to BATIK. LOL, somebody please enlighten me. This is the only decent picture that I can find.

So though the story was regular, the wardrobe from The Age of Adaline movie does steal my attention. The wardrobe choices are beyond great and Blake Lively rocks it every single year, from 1920s, 1970s, to present day fashion style.

Thank you Clozette Indonesia for the chance and inspiration. Maybe I should try vintage style as well?

4 komentar:

  1. Aaaak jd pengen nonton, dr bocoran gmbrnya stylenya blake kecee bgt sih,

    1. iyaaaa aslinya emang kece banget anahh, kayak gossip girl lagi :p

  2. coat yang kuning tsakep bangeeeeettt... nyari ah di yogya dept store :P

    btw salam kenal dari what a witty blog :)

    1. iyaaaa, vintage tapi karena warnanya terang gitu jadi makin cakeppp... hahaha...

      salam kenal jugaaaa *meluncur ke blognya*


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