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ACUVUE: The Lens That Changes Everything

As an active person who's always busy either with those piles of work or chasing up with those blog deadlines or meeting up with people, I have to stay attractive and fresh. Besides those skin care, makeup, or hair care, etc. there's one more important thing that can help me to do it all: contact lens.

Yes, I have myopia and though it's not that bad (-0.75 and -1.00), sometimes it does affect my vision. And my eyesight also sometimes deteriorates when I stare at my laptop too long (damn deadlines!). And yes, I hate eyeglasses because somehow it blocks my peripheral vision. That's why contact lens is the best solution for me, and I've been a loyal user of ACUVUE Define since last year.
I attended ACUVUE Media Gathering earlier this May to join their new brand campaign: The Lens That Changes Everything.

Before the event started, we're already informed to wear the ACUVUE Define 1-Day Lens there. So I was quickly go to the lens booth and put on ACUVUE Define Accent Style. 

See, it's super natural!
And as I already mentioned before in my review about ACUVUE Define, this lens is super natural! So you don't have to worry that your eyes look fake or like those anime.

ACUVUE Define has three different type: Natural Shine, Accent Style, and Vivid Style.

Dodi Rukminto, Business Unit Head of Vision Care Division, PT Johnson & Johnson Indonesia said during the event that the new brand campaign is meant to inspire and redefine the meaning of contact lens in people. Contact lens can change your life perspective, lifestyle, knowledge, recreation, and all of those important moments in your life.

And as part of its new campaign, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care shows how contact lens can change your perspective in every corner of your life:

  • Change your perspective in first impression: With healthy vision, those who are student or jobseekers can find a way to boost confidence in order to achieve their goals.
  • Change your perspective in traveling and adventure: Travelers always look for a new destination to be visited. By using contact lens, of course your can enjoy every new scenery conveniently.
  • Change your perspective in sports: Those athletes and sport-lovers need good eye vision in order to complete their performance on the field. They can certainly improve the coordination between hand and eyes, peripheral vision, and responsiveness.

Johnson & Johnson is definitely one of the most trusted brand recognized by the eye care professional globally. It has various products to cater the eye needs of every single person; myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, or even eye aesthetics. 

There are 3 characteristics of healthy and safe contact lens:
  1. Gives you clearer vision
  2. Makes your eyes feel comfortable all day - by enabling the high flow of oxygen through the eyes and provide enough moisture
  3. Contains UV protection (international standard)
And yes, ACUVUE Define possesses all of those three characteristics so it is definitely healthy and safe for your eyes!

Even better, there was also live demo on how ACUVUE Define is definitely the best choice for color contact lens. The color doesn't wear off compared to other brands. Ouch! Time to test your own color lens by yourself girls!

The test is simple, you can rub your lens using cotton bud and see if there's any color transfer from it. It can do harm for your eyes if yes, so it's best to choose those lens which color doesn't wear off.

And yes, I am still recommending those of you who has eye vision problem (especially myopia) to switch to ACUVUE Define because it is healthy, safe, and also beautiful for your eyes! It has natural look which can enhance your beauty!

Also, it's more hygienic compared to monthly contact lens since you can just throw it away after use. Yes, it might be slightly more expensive but hey, it for your own health! So I think it's still worth the price. :)

What's your favorite ACUVUE Define type? Is it Natural Shine, Accent Style, or Vivid Style?

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