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Hello everyone! For the past few weeks I was visiting a laser clinic Jakarta: PPP Laser Clinic. Have you heard about PPP Laser Clinic before? If not, let me kindly inform you in this dedicated blog post. 

PPP is an aesthetic clinic network that focuses on laser facial treatment. Their procedure uses a combination of laser and light technology to cleanse the skin and simultaneously strengthen the skin's structure also overcome skin problems such as pores, acne and pigmentation gradually.

I joined PPP Laser Clinic Blog Writing Competition 2016 and that's why I can try their treatment for a week.

I have quite big pores, acne-prone skin, and also problem with pigmentation. Those reasons are why I'm keen on trying the laser treatment at PPP Laser Clinic. 

I choose UOB Plaza clinic as it's located in my office building, so convenient right? :)

So before any treatment, we are obliged to read and sign medical disclaimer form.

Blue and white colors are definitely dominating the clinic, the clinic are small, but I was amazed at how many treatment beds they have. I think the concept is simple and clean, since it emphasizes on quick service.

For the competition, I was entitled to 7x LLCS Treatments, 2x Special Treatments, and 1x Combo Treatments. As LLCS is one of the signature treatment from PPP, I'd like to explain further so that you can have better understanding about it.

LLCS Step By Step

LASER & LIGHT CLEANING SYSTEM (LLCS) is a non-ablative Laser & Light procedure that deep cleanses the skin, shrinks pores and oil glands, lightens pigmentation and stimulates collagen. 

Laser & Light Cleaning System (LLCS) is a very great innovation for Skin Rejuvenation:1. Cleans the skin by vaporising dirt, dust, sweat, oil and bacteria.2. Reduce pimples and oiliness by shrinking oil glands.3. Smoothen skin and stimulate collagen4. Lighten pigmentation5. Enhance skin clarity and glow

1. Laser Treatment

2. Light Treatment

3. Toning

4. Moisturizing/Sun Protection

Surprise is that LLCS only takes around 15-20 minutes of your time (including cleansing, treatment, and post treatment). So let's read about my experience for a week with PPP Laser Clinic!


Let me explain to you first about my condition before I get the treatment at PPP Clinic. I've never received any laser treatment on my face before, so this is my first time.

My skin problem is uneven skin tone, pimples, and big pores. So I was like, oh wow finally! And here are my before pictures for your comparison.

BEFORE - Front

BEFORE - Right Cheek

BEFORE - Left Cheek

BEFORE - Pores


BEFORE First Treatment

My first time with LLCS? Since I have high pain tolerance, the laser treatment is just like ants' bites for me. It stings but it's not that painful, but if you have low pain tolerance, please kindly inform the doctor so that she can lower the power. The light treatment is neither painful nor hot at all. It's just the lights that I wasn't keen on though, no wonder they put safety goggles on patient's eyes.

It was really quick. Like real quick, I went during lunch time and still manage to back to office on time (and yes I've finished my lunch!).


AFTER 1x LLCS - Front

AFTER 1x LLCS - Right Cheek

AFTER 1x LLCS - Left Cheek

AFTER 1x LLCS - Pores
As you can see, the result is significant even after just single treatment. But yes, it may look not satisfying on your eyes. There are several acnes which popped out right after the treatment. The doctor said to me that LLCS has various effect on people; it can accelerate the acne process (which happened to me) or dry it up.


After 2x LLCS, I decided to have Combo Treatment. And since it is not available at PPP Clinic UOB Plaza, I was referred to PPP Clinic Grand Indonesia. 

Combo Treatment is combination of PPP Micro-Laser (ML), Warm-Touch (WT), and LLCS.


Micro Laser (Laser Peel) is a modified version of Laser Peel Treatment that help to reduces acne scars over time and re-texturize uneven skin surfaces (big pores). It is suitable for skin cell renewal & textural resurfacing.

Micro Laser is the latest technology in skin rejuvenation. This treatment removes the outermost layer of the skin so that shorten the process of skin cell renewal. Some patients may feel more sensitive skin and looks slightly reddish during the initial phase of exfoliation. It can last from 1-3 days after the treatment done depending on the condition of the skin and imposed on the skin dose. The number of treatment sessions required of each patient also varies depending on the condition and level of problems on the skin of each patient.


Warm-Touch (Collagen Stimulating Laser) is a combination of Laser and Light for permanent firming and lifting of the skin (Collagen Stimulating Laser). It is suitable for skin firming & tightening.

Warm Touch is a treatment using laser energy through the upper layers of the skin to gently stimulate the synthesis of collagen in the skin layer thus enhancing collagen production mechanism. This treatment is very popular because it is fast, easy and no downtime. Combination of Laser and light directed at skin areas prone to wrinkles. Relatively painless and can be done every day.

PPP WARM - TOUCH (WT) - It feels warm and it didn't sting my skin. I was very comfortable with this treatment.

PPP MICRO - LASER (ML) - Though I have such a high pain tolerance, I was having a hard time during this one. At the first minutes it was fine, but the pain increase and it feels uncomfortable for me. The doctor noticed it though and just said to me to be patient because it was almost over. 

LLCS - Since it's done after Micro-Laser, I barely feel any pain or sting because the pain from Micro-Laser hasn't stopped. 

I was surprised by the Micro-Laser, it was painful that I need ice packs to be placed on my whole face right after the treatment. And all night, my face was red and hot, even my co-workers notice the redness (they though it was blush on lol). Maybe because it was my first time with Micro-Laser...

At night I keep applying the ice pack to my face especially my upper cheeks. To relieve it, I keep spraying my face with Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray. It really helps. 


In the morning after the Combo Treatment, the pain, redness, and heat get better. I cleansed and moisturized using products for sensitive skin (Cetaphil).

1 Day After Combo Treatment

Also, there are several acnes showed up after the Combo Treatment. I think it also accelerate the acne process, triggering it to pop.

1 Day After Combo Treatment - New Acnes

1 Day After Combo Treatment - Front

1 Day After Combo Treatment - Right Cheek

1 Day After Combo Treatment - Left Cheek
And since it is still red, I didn't dare to do any treatment, so I skipped a day.


After 2 days, it got better. The exfoliation starts to work and thank God it wasn't painful or cause me any discomfort. After Combo Treatment, I didn't wear any makeup and just apply moisturizer + sunscreen.
2 Days After Combo Treatment
Exfoliation Shows Up

4X LLCS - After

4X LLCS - Right Cheek

4X LLCS - Left Cheek
After 4x LLCS, my pores, pimples, and pigmentation were getting better.


And I start getting Special Treatment at PPP Grand Indonesia (since it is not available at UOB Plaza), it is a special treatment (just like its name) to burn those fat on face, thus creating V-shape face (YAY!).

Special Cream Applied
BEFORE Special Treatment

AFTER Special Treatment
The treatment was also fast, it's only 20-30 minutes and the treatment works with massage and also warm touch, it didn't feel painful at all, only if the device touch the bones that it will cause pain. And yes, I have a lot of fat, that's why I didn't feel any pain at all LOL.

Just like any other PPP's treatments, it requires no downtime.

AFTER Special Treatment


And here's the update after 6x LLCS, my skin is definitely getting better with less acne and smaller pores.
6X LLCS - Front

6X LLCS - Right Cheek

6X LLCS -Left Cheek
Also, I've done the second Special Treatment at Grand Indonesia and my face is getting slimmer!

AFTER 2X Special Treatment


Before Last Treatment

Aaand, it's the final treatment; my last LLCS. My skin is definitely getting much, much better. The pimples are dried up, pores are less visible, and my skin tone is more even.

7X LLCS - Front

7X LLCS - Right Cheek

7X LLCS - Left Cheek

7X LLCS - Pores


My final words? A week of doing treatments at PPP Clinic is worth doing since it gave me great result. I love it especially on pores because it makes my pores less visible. The result is significant. 

And for Combo Treatment, I think it's worth trying if you want to achieve smoother, brighter, and better skin in less than a week time. Though it makes me feeling a bit uncomfortable at first, now that I can see the real result in less than a week, I think it's a great treatment.


BEFORE - Pores

AFTER 1x LLCS - Pores
7X LLCS - Pores

Curious about PPP Clinic? You can get more information and get your questions answered here:

PPP Clinic Website

Facebook Page


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  1. Tiaaaa... Keren hasilnya bikin mupeng. Berapa ya harganya untuk 7x treatment?

    1. iya Put, walau sempet ngerasa panas dan merah efeknya cepet banget keliatan.. Untuk 7x treatment aku kurang tau, tapi seluruh treatment yang aku terima (7x LLCS, 2x Special Treatment, 1x Combo Treatment) itu senilai Rp 25.200.000

      Tapi dia lagi ada promo Zappy Hours jadi starts from Rp 399.000/treatment :)

  2. Hai mba, apa saat treatment ini mba sedang memakai cream atau perawatan di dokter lain? saya pengen coba PPP cuma sekarang sedang menggunakan produk natasha hehehe takutnya malah blunder. thank you!

    1. Halo Devi!
      Aku sendiri tidak pernah memakai cream dan perawatan di dokter (yang kontinu)
      Waktu aku tanyakan katanya tidak ada masalah dengan perawatan dokter lain, tapi kalau combo treatment karena ada pengelupasan, disarankan untuk pakai produk untuk kulit sensitif seperti yang aku pakai dan tulis di blog di atas. Jadi jika combo sepertinya tidak bisa dicombine dengan produk klinik lain.. Tapi LLCS dan special treatment bisa banget kok :)

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