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CARING by BIOKOS Beauty Without Worry

Hello everyone~ I'm back with another beauty event to be shared with you all. Since most of you must be familiar with Martha Tilaar (those who are Indonesians), I'd like to share more about two brands from MT; BIOKOS and CARING by BIOKOS.

I've attended the Beauty Talk, Short Class, and Competition "Beauty Without Worry" few weeks ago at Mal Kelapa Gading 3 during Jakarta Food & Fashion Festival 2016 thanks to Kumpulan Emak Blogger. Thank you mba Icoel for the invitation! 

Beauty Without Worry Event

This is actually my first time joining the event with KEB. It was so nice knowing new people and also meeting some familiar faces as well. Before the beauty talk, we were directed to visit BIOKOS and CARING by BIOKOS booth near the atrium to listen to mini beauty talk with BIOKOS dermatologist and also the cute Sissy Priscillia! She's always my favorite character in AADC movie by the way. 

After finished with the mini beauty talk, we're escorted to go to the atrium; where the main event was held in. Actually there are few round tables ready for us already and I was seated with all bloggers, though all other tables are mixed between bloggers and BIOKOS' customers.

The event was started with the Short Class, and of course the very first step is Skin Care. Here, we learned how to put on skin care properly like massaging the face using the cream in order to make it absorbs better.

After skin care, we're encouraged to use CARING COLOURS BB Cream. There are three types of BB Cream by CARING COLOURS; Fair White, Everlast, and Luminizing. I chose Fair White since I have normal to dry skin and I want fairer complexion.

After the application of BB Cream, we're guided by BIOKOS Makeup Artist who was doing the makeup demo with a model on stage.

And the highlight of the day was the new Two Way Cake from CARING by BIOKOS; Dual Action Cake, as a skin care makeup which can be adjusted to our skin needs.

READ my review of it here: CARING by BIOKOS Dual Action Cake

AFTER - all using CARING COLOURS makeup
Next was the Beauty Talk with three beautiful ladies; Sissy Prescillia, Dine Aisah, and CARING by BIOKOS Brand Manager. During the beauty talk, Sissy talked about how she takes care of her skin especially when she was so busy doing all of her activities as an entertainer. While Dine, as a mom and also beauty blogger talked about the current beauty trend and how she thinks that skin care and makeup is a good investment for us. Last but not least, the representative from CARING By BIOKOS explained about BIOKOS as the expert in living skin and provides the complete skin care range for all ages and skin types. She also introduced the Dual Action Cake as skin care makeup.

And I was appointed to represent our table with kak Yonna on stage for the Competition, LOL. All those ladies, including me, were also tricked to walk like models on stage. Look at my super awkward giggly face!

Overall, I like the event since it was quite informative and we (bloggers) could have a chance to be mentors for the people attending the event as well about the right way to put on skin care and makeup. And I also get BIOKOS Derma Bright Intensive Brightening Serum and Day Cream SPF 25.

Two years ago I've used BIOKOS Derma Bright series and I actually find the product great. And it's also the best-selling products in BIOKOS!

BIOKOS Derma Bright Intensive Brightening Serum

This serum claimed to be effectively reduce spots and hyperpigmentation, inhibit the formation of melanin, and improve complexion by brightening it up. It also can be used to prevent early aging.

I've been using this serum again for only few days, and so far this serum doesn't cause me any trouble such as breakouts or other allergy. The texture is light cream, almost gel-like. It absorbs fast and doesn't leave any sticky feelings.

Kudos for the packaging and design. I love the silver and white color because it makes the product look sophisticated and cool. The airless pump bottle wins my heart since it's easier to be used and also more hygienic.

BIOKOS Derma Bright Intensive Brightening Day Cream SPF 25

This one is a moisturizer with special formulation to protect our skin from the damage caused by UV rays while preventing hyperpigmentation.

The packaging is so nice and sophisticated! I've seen this kind of packaging first on Korean cosmetics, and I was surprised that BIOKOS adapted fast to this kind of push packaging. I bet that some of you have experience trouble or concern over jar packaging for moisturizer. Yes, jar packaging is inconvenient and sometimes troublesome. It's risky because it can be spilled off easily and caught bacteria or dirt when we open it. Nah, with this push-to-open packaging, we no longer need to worry that we take cream too much and it's also much more hygienic!

Though it has SPF 25, it doesn't feel sticky as well. One single push is enough for my whole face. And I can bring this anywhere since the cap is safe (no more accidental spill!).

I'll be continuing using this BIOKOS Derma Bright for the next few weeks and see the result.

Thank you for reading and wait for my next updates!

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