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Review KICHO Green Water Jet Cotton Pad

Another KICHO product review from me, nah it's not just skin care and makeup, KICHO also has tool products and one of them is Green Water Jet Cotton Pad. Well, it's not just another cotton pad, what makes it special? Read more.


The packaging is made of paper box with hexagonal shape. It's common packaging for cotton pad but I think I don't really like this because it's fragile. The design is simple, dominated by white and hint of green shades.

Functions & Claims

100% All Natural Cotton Pads

The Green Water Jet Cotton Pad is an exquisitely soft and smooth pad, which allows for superior absorption and gentle application of liquid skin care products. Created with delicate micro-fibers, its ultra-absorbent, lint-free composition increases the effectiveness of KICHO cleansers and toners, treating even the most sensitive skin. Each Green Water Jet Cotton Pad is generously sized and delicately embossed.

How to Use

An extremely soft, gentle way to apply liquid skincare products. Use with your favorite makeup remover, toner or nail polish remover.


The cotton pad is high quality and has dual sides: the textured pad and flat pad. The textured pad is great for removing nail polish and makeup while flat side is best for applying skin care like toners and lotions.

Textured - remove makeup & nail polish
Flat - apply skin care

Also it contains quite a lot of pads as each package contains 50 pads.

This cotton pad is best paired with KICHO Water Recipe Cleansing Water to remove makeup. I reviewed the cleansing water before and here's the snippet to how amazing this pair to remove your makeup!

Overall, I love this cotton pad, it's high quality and also has some features that can ease up your makeup and skin care routine. 

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