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Review KICHO Water Recipe Cleansing Water

There are a lot of cleansing product variety in the market, from milk, cream, to oil. And the latest trend is: WATER. Yes, you have seen my reviews of some, name it micellar water or just cleansing water. Here's another review of cleansing water that I've got from BNT News: KICHO Water Recipe Cleansing Water.

So, basically this is just cleansing water. I'm not sure whether it can be categorize as micellar water as well since the information that I've encountered is limited.


The packaging is quite unique since it has narrowed which highly resembles.. sewing machine oil bottle 😂

But I find this cap design really nice since it helps dispensing product more effectively. With this design, it puts us to lower risk to spill off the water and can target the cotton pad precisely. No more leaks!

The color is dominated by white and ocean blue color with minor illustration which make it cute and sweet.

Functions & Claims

The cleansing water, which contains deep sea water with rich minerals and seaweed extracts with excellent anti-oxidizing effects, is called the ‘Water Recipe Cleansing Water.’ It also contains coconut water with papain enzyme and plentiful nutrients to differentiate its ‘water,’ which is a basic element of cleansing water.

It promises four functions:

Cleansing Effects + Pore Control + Moisturizing Effects + Soothing Effects 

How to Use

Put an adequate amount on the cotton pad, and clean off the makeup on skin. Separate face wash is not needed. Ending with lukewarm water is good.

*In case of eye, lip, or point makeup, lightly rub off the makeup. For point makeup you may need to rinse off with water.


I love this cleansing water! It leaves no sticky feeling at all and very similar to Bioderma Sensibio H2O! Since it is my favorite cleansing water, I guess this KICHO Water Recipe Cleansing Water is the only contender.

The only thing that stops it from being number one is the availability and the size of the product. I wish it's available in other size and can be purchased easily. Because from what I've checked, this product is not even available in KICHO global shop.

Back to the experience using this amazing cleansing water, like I said before, I love the packaging design which allows us to dispense the product easier then ever thanks to the narrowed cap. 

And for the texture, it's just like a pure water! Some cleansing water might feel a bit sticky on the first application, but this one is not sticky from the very first. 

Also it has great cleansing effect while maintaining moisture on my skin. It doesn't feel sticky or tight after use.

As for the pore control function, I haven't seen any result yet since this is only cleansing product, I also don't expect much for it.

And for the soothing effect, though it is not significant, I can safely use this product when I have acne or breakout and it doesn't irritate them.

Take a look at the before-after test below.

I put on various makeup on my hand just to test the performance of this cleansing water. And the result is beyond my expectation.

As you can see from the picture above, single swipe can remove 70% of makeup, leaving only traces of eyeliners and lip products while the waterproof makeup is quite harder to be removed (and it's normal!).

And after 3-4 swipes, finally 95% of the makeup are all gone except the waterproof mascara! Wow I really love the end result. It's just amazing to have gentle remover that can remove most of makeup without irritating or causing any trouble to my skin (usually with oil, it's a little bit uncomfortable and might result in temporary blurred or cloudy vision).

Tips: it's best to pair Water Recipe Cleansing Water with Green Jet Cotton Pad for the best result.

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