Sabtu, 04 April 2015

Johnny Andrean Instaglam Color

Japan is everywhere now in Indonesia! And yes, Johnny Andrean recognized that hair trend in Indonesia is heavily influenced by Japan, whether it's fashion or color. That's why, Johnny Andrean tried to adopt the hair trend in Indonesia this year.

No need to be afraid of acid colors which are identically stereotyped as Harajuku style. Inspired by "Tokyo Blend"; a hair stylist community from nine most influential hair salon in Japan & coffee lifestyle, Johnny Andrean with Shiseido Professional launched 2015 hair color trend named Instaglam Color.

Rose Coffee Roaster

This color is inspired by coffee roaster. Coffee roaster processes coffee bean into coffee with better taste and stronger aroma. This color is perfect for those of you who seek an instant hair makeover but still want to look elegant with red color touch.

If you want to play with colors, but still want to play safe, this color is made just for you.

Mocha Espresso

Fancy those effortless style of Japanese women? Start by this color! Mocha Espresso is inspired by dark chocolate color which look modern and also fresh just like your favorite Mocha.

You who want to look more elegant and calm, try this color just for a quick change of look.

Cherry Latte

Cherry Latte sounds sweet right? And so does for this hair color. Inspired by coffee and milk mix, Johnny Andrean shows warm brown color with a little touch of cherry pink. 

This spring, I think this color will be purr-fect! If I have to choose from three, I will definitely choose this color as I love the sweetness and also the touch of pink. 

Which one you'd like to try?

12 komentar:

  1. cheery latte and Rose Coffee roaster warnanya cantik banget Tia ^^

    1. iyaaa.. cakeppp, tapi aku paling sukanya Cherry Latte hehe... Ga cocok pake merah gitu rasanya akuu

  2. yg cherry latte cakep banget kak tia :D

  3. The rose coffee roaster looks so beautiful

  4. I'd like to try Rose coffee roaster~ love that color. But I like the second hairstyle, long and sexy.


    1. Waaaah... Iya, itu bagus kayaknya buat kamu, hehe.. Instant makeover! Tapi yang haircut kedua oke sih, imagenya sexy elegant gitu..

  5. I prefer Rose Coffee Roaster:), looks so adorable.

  6. cherry latte nyaaaa <3 warna rambut idaman banget lah.


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