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Kérastase Fusio-Dose Infusion Night

Hi everyone! I guess it's been long since the last time I posted something here. Last Thursday, on 1 November 2012, I got the invitation to Kérastase Fusio-Dose Infusion Night. Actually, I planned to go with my friends, but as usual, in the end, none could make it that night (yeah, sometimes it's annoying when your friends cancelled appointment during the last minute, bla bla bla *insert reasons here*). OK, enough whining. 

There were two events that day, first was the Press Conference and later the Infusion Night. I asked Ci Carnellin about which event that we should attend, and she said we can attend both events since we're media too (bloggers are independent journalist, rite?). So, I tried to attend both of the events, but turned out to be late. (> _ <)

When I arrived, it was only Yessy and her friend in the press room. Hoho, enjoyed a very nice pudding and lemon tea (my favorite!).

Hendra Purjaka, Senior Education & Commercial Manager  Kérastase  with Novita Angie, the MC
In brief, Kérastase introduced FUSIO-DOSE, a technological series of concentrate and booster with highest certaint active ingredients which formulated to directly solve both primary and secondary hair problems with instant result (OK, what a long sentence).

FUSIO-DOSE is an advanced innovation in hair care products in salon which offer solution for both primary and secondary hair problem in one package with the functions:
  • Reparation for brittle hair
  • Nourishment for dull and dry hair
  • Protection for colored hair
  • Protection for hair aging
So the technoloy series of FUSIO-DOSE has 16 combination of specific concentrate and booster created to solve various hair problem. Through daily essential hair care treated by salon professionals, Indonesian Kérastase women can get diagnosed and choose their own combination of FUSIO-DOSE according to their needs.

After the press conference was over, then we headed to the party. But, first I wait for my hair diagnose since I was late. 

While waiting, this is how your hair get diagnosed

The examiner then told me that I have brittle hair as primary problem and since I colored my hair a few times, my secondary problem is dull hair resulted from the coloring process. So I got green concentrate and red booster. 

my hair picture
 After the diagnose, we headed to the dinner upstairs. Unfortunately it was a standing dinner party. Ugh, I hate eating while standing. Besides it is uncomfortable, it is also unhealthy to eat while standing, uh? There were tons of food, but it was too crowded, so I didn't take any pictures. But, since this was a hair event, there were so many salon professionals and owners here. Most of them really dressed to kill. I mean, they kill my eyes...  o_0

See the guys on the left, they dressed like Korean boyband personnels right?

So here's what I looked like that day

worn: Aigner fruits dress (my favorite!)
I was wearing my old Aigner fruits dress (which I rarely wear because I'm too afraid of being to 'crowded') and my pink heels (not shown on the pictures). I just wear minimal make up with natural-color eye shadows and lip stain.

After a few chews and drinks, the Infusion Night started. It was the same people and same talks as previous press conference (~_~). Oh, not to forget that I met other fellow beauty bloggers that night; Shella, Nita, and Ci Carnellin.

But, this time, there were some public figures whom I think are the brand ambassadors; Sigi Wimala and Maya Hasan. They were talking about how Kérastase, especially FUSIO-DOSE has helped them. Then the event continued with the infusion together along every person in the ballroom that night. So, it came to surprise that there's a pair of FUSIO-DOSE concentrate and booster under everyone's chair! But, yes, there was small incident, a few minutes before the infusion. Few people beside us started to make a noise, and what I mean by noise, is a really big fuss. Turned out that they stole the FUSIO-DOSE under others' chairs, including us. Fortunately enough, Kérastase provided additional FUSIO-DOSE for everyone who hasn't got the products (stolen like us).

After that, then the official launch of FUSIO-DOSE were followed by the dance presented by 4 dancers, each representing the color of FUSIO-DOSE. And there were a hair show by the hair salon sponsored by Kérastase.

Then, the party's over, we headed downstairs only to find out that the photo booth was very crowded. Ah, I regret that I didn't take pictures before the party starts. So, here are some pictures I successfully taken there. :p

And here are some things from the goodie bag (yay!):

one package of FUSIO-DOSE, a jar of candies, and a gift voucher of free FUSIO-DOSE  hair infusing ritual at IRWAN!

Thank you Kérastase for a nice FUSIO-DOSE Infusion Night, will definitely try the hair infusing ritual soon!

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  3. iy nih.. di daerah jrg bgt da beauty event:(
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