Selasa, 20 November 2012

What's Your Wish? WISHTREND!

OK, My birthday was just a month ago. But still, I have so many wishes that I haven't fulfilled yet! Grrr, blame it to myself then for having too many wishes. Another BB Cream, lip stain, mascara, errr... I have to stop. Talking about endless wishes, I would like to introduce a very nice website called WISHTREND.

So, WHAT is it really?

WISHTREND is the trendiest online commerce worldwide which provides Korean skin care, make up cosmetics, and tools and is now exporting to various countries in Asia, including our lovely country; Indonesia!

Well, you can get mostly everything here! They sell the famous Skin79, Rojukiss, Klair's, etc. Such a treat to us, the beauty maniacs and shopping freaks,right? x)

OH WAIT! Of course I know the biggest fear of everyone. I bet that you think to step back because you're afraid of the super-duper expensive shipping fee? Good news for us all, WISHTREND kindly gives FREE SHIPPING for purchase above USD 70! Just quickly tell your friends to shop then, quick! :D

Let's take a short journey through the website itself then...

the website
  1. Just type "" to your browser's address bar
  2. TADA! No need to wait for so long, the website loaded quickly whenever I access it (anyway I do love the simple yet clean layout that they have)
  3. Browsing... Browsing... And here are the things I keep my eye on.

Klairs 20% Discount!!!
Klairs Facial Mist only USD 6.99 + Samples! *crazy*   

OK, I have to breath again. Well, not until I saw the tab "Wish Box" then I clicked it. Turned out to be....

Wish Box
Well, I clicked WISH BOX (No. 5) because it was the only one available at that time... Prepare for a surprise!
Vacation in a box?
So WISHBOX consists of very special products which are not easy to get in abroad, with Korean theme. Whoaaaaaaaa..... I want this. I want this. I want this.

inside WISHBOX 5
With WISHBOX, you'll get a very nice deal as stated on the picture above, if you bought the products separately, you'll be charged USD 41.70. But by purchasing this WISHBOX, you will only pay USD 20.99! It's half the price, and moreover, it's a real product box, not a sample box!

OK, this is not the end of everything, I saw another tab "Wish Collection", then I thought "What's this again? Another wish? Yippeee!" So, WISHTREND organize its product not only by categories and brands, but also according to what they called Wish Collection; a series of collection organized specially by WISHTREND. For example, they have Summer Series No. 1 and 2, BB Cream Collection, Let Your Skin Breathe,etc.

Wish Collection
 I clicked for Summer No. 1
Cares about PORES!

Products for Cares about Pores

WOW.. A very nice online shopping website, WISHTREND! As your name, you'll definitely on my top list now! 

So for those of you who are curious enough about WISHTREND, feel free to visit them HERE:


5 komentar:

  1. So bad hope for your wishes come true, Tia! <3

  2. just checked the web, really interesting!! hmmm...should I order some things there? *mikir*

  3. menarik ini nih,brb ke tkp,mau nyimak webnya :D

  4. kalo aku yang paling ditakutin TAX FEE! lol...


  5. wishtrend ini punya beauty youtuber Liah-Yellowycream kan?
    mau pesen tapi gak ngerti caranya n gak ada yg buka PO. hehe


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