Sabtu, 24 November 2012

Shangpree Olive Virgin Cleansing Oil

I'm back with another try out of Shangpree product! This time is its Olive Virgin Cleansing Oil. I have been using this cleansing oil for 10 consecutive days together with Shangpree Crystal BB Cream.

Actually I never tried any cleansing oil before and used to clean my face with cleansing milk then continue it with facial wash. I've heard so many rave about using cleansing oil to clean your make up as it has proven to be more effective than cleansing milk. So, I give it a try!

Since this is my first time using cleansing oil, in my head I imagine that the oil must be so sticky and oily. Hehe, pardon me, I'm newbie in cleansing oil thingy. So the texture is watery, unlike common oil like EVOO or ordinary palm oil used for cooking (LOL). So, at first it was running everywhere as I didn't expected that the oil would be this watery. The scent is very nice, I used EVOO once, and I feel like I am fried. LOL. But yes, this Olive Virgin Cleansing Oil has a very nice scent that soothed me out.

So, I tried this cleansing oil and dabbed it onto on of my eyelid to test the performance of this cleansing oil. I just dabbed the oil and then put the cotton and count 1,2,3 then swipe it once.       

Yay! As you can see, it really clean my eyelid in only one swipe. I used eye primer, NYX Soho Glam Eye Shadows and Revlon Colorstay Creme Gel Liner here. And I find that this cleansing oil  good since it doesn't irritate my eyes nor it left my vision blurred or cloudy (like EVOO does).

one swipe
Once again, let's test the performance by putting various products on my hand!

It does a really good job, isn't it? :D *happy happy*

  • Doesn't feel sticky at all on my face
  • Clean my eyelid with one swipe and doesn't irritate my eyes
  • Nice scent
  • The performance is good as it clean all of the products I've tested on the previous picture

  • Pricey. You can get it at its official webstore for Rp 260.000

This cleansing oil is highly recommended by me since it did a really good job in cleaning my make up and it has a soothing scent which I love. The only drawback of this is its price, but if you do have the budget for it, why not? I am saving up my money for this cleansing oil anyway! :D

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  1. So surprised that it is so watery and doesn't feel sticky in my skin :)

  2. Tia... Tami nominasiin tia untuk liebster award ya...

    monggo dicek rules nya:

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