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Shiseido New Make Up Launching

So, On last Friday, I got an invitation from IBB to Shiseido New Make Up Launching Autumn Winter 2012 at Glow Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta. There were a lot of other fellow beauty blogger who attended the event at that time. And yes, I was so excited since I met so many new friends!

Well, I came too early that day, yeah I was done with an interview in Mampang and just headed to Plaza Indonesia afterwards. I came at 12 pm -_-. So, when I walked past by the Glow, I saw there were only empty chairs there so I ran to the rest room to fix my make up.

snap of my look that day
 Then I came around 1 pm and I met Marsha and her friend, they came early just like me. Finding that there's nothing to do, so I walk around took some pictures there.

the make up counter

lacquer rouge *drool*

blushes, eye shadows, and powders

So the event started a bit late, then the MC entered and say hi to all of us. There was an awkward moment when the MC call us as fashion bloggers instead of beauty bloggers, and it was not only once.. Haha, I looked around and everybody's face was sour. Then Ms. Sien Lie, Shiseido's MUA joined the MC and talk about the latest collection of Shiseido. 

And I spotted a very nice shoes on her! Haha, It was really cute yet stunning. 

her shoes that I adore
Next, the IBB staff stepped forward and gave testimonials about Shiseido products worn by them at that time. Below, Carnellin, Nisa, and Phanie were wearing Shiseido Lacquer Rouge.

left to right: Ci Carnellin, Kak Nisa, and Ci Phanie

Spotted: Yessy in the middle of focused-audience :p
Soon after, Ms. Hisako Inayama; Japanese Make Up Artist joined MC and I gotta say that she's so cute! I wonder if typical Japanese laugh so much when they're nervous. But it's cute anyway. :p Then, the make up show started!

Ms. Hisako Inayama and the MC

The models

I love the face make up :p This is when Ms. Hisako put on Lacquer Rouge

I have to agree that this model was the fiercest of all!
So, that's it. That's the end of the main part of the event. After the make up show was done, Shiseido invited us to try the lacquer rouge. Haha, my college friends; Sharah and Dilla came too. So, here are some of the pictures (I forgot to take the after picture of Dilla, so sorry!)

Sharah was wearing the orange one, forget the shade *my bad!*

This one is red one, forget the shade, too! :p

Me before Lacquer Rouge. Haha, there was lip tint left.

Shade: RS 404, it's fuchsia I think

swatch on my hand

wearing Shiseido Lacquer Rouge RS 404!
Aaaak I love how intense the color was!

Me and Meylisa, sorry for the blurry picture!

Took selca along with Via and Mels

After the event ended, there was a small giveaway by the IBB staff. I raised my hands around 3 times and when I finally got the chance, I answered it wrong. -_______- Well, not my lucky day.

So, me, Lele, Via, Mels, Roma, Jesslyn, and Nita decided to have some meals together. We chose to eat in Grand Indonesia. Funny thing was when we all drove on Lele's car. You know the spin on the parking area in most of the malls right? It was never ending spin and we all felt like we're riding roller coaster. LOL, you know it when a bunch of girls hang out together right? It's noisy and loud. 

Anyway, I had fun that day. And not to forget about the freebies from the event. I got a self-picture at the photo booth, an energizing fragrance, men's fragrance, mini compact powder and sachet samples. 

Have a nice day, all! ^_^

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  1. Asiknya kak Tia bisa pergi ke event Shiseido T_T
    aku sekolah sih ga bisa huhuhuhu *ngiri*

    1. hehe iyaaaa, sabar yak next event semoga banyak di weekend biar kamu bisa ikutan ^_^ trus bisa ketemu lagi deeeh >_<

  2. whee I wanna try the liptint <333

    1. it's really good and yes the color is intense! :D


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