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Estee Lauder Beautiful Touch

Hello everyone! 

Few weeks ago I was invited to attend this event by Estee Lauder Indonesia. I was so thrilled since I could finally meet with other fellow bloggers again (been alienating myself a bit back then).

The event itself is called Estee Lauder Beautiful Touch feat. Bobbie Wu. Who's Bobbie Wu? He's an international make up artist from Taiwan. And yes, he was here to show us his skill in make up using Estee Lauder!

The event was being held in Estee Lauder counter in METRO Mal Taman Anggrek. I came late because of the (usual) traffic jam. Okay, excuse. LOL.

When I arrived, the beauty bloggers were already there, choosing the lipstick and eye shadow as souvenirs. 


the beauty bloggers
After choosing my own shades of lipstick and eye shadow, we moved to a small counter located in front of the department store where the Beautiful Touch by Bobbie Wu will be performed at. 

And since there was a make up traincase there, I was tempted to look around and browse and (of course) take pictures of it. 

drooling over it
I also discover something on the traincase, which is a BB Cream! Whoa, never thought that Estee Lauder has its own BB Cream. It is called Estee Lauder CyberWhite Brilliant Cells BB Creme. 

BB Creme
Out of curiosity, I decided to try it on the back of my hand. Well, I think I'm in love with this BB Creme! It has dewy finish with medium coverage, looks like second skin. But of course, think about the price turned me down (a jobless girl after all..)

You can take a look at the swatch below.

Okay, so the event began with the appearance of sexy MC (forgot to take the pic) and here is the beautiful, oriental-looking model for that day's beautiful touch.

the model
So, first thing first, Mr. Wu told the audience about the importance of skin care before make up. Well, can't agree more that we should take care of our skin first before decorating it with tons of make up. And he's speaking in Mandarin, so there was an interpreter for him.

Bobbie Wu explaining about the importance of skin care
He started from the lotion or being well known as toner here in Indonesia. 

toner aka lotion

And then jumped to serum. It's the famous Advanced Night Repair!

Advanced Night Repair
Each of us given a few drops by him to experience the texture and instant effect of this serum. I can say that the texture is watery and feels a bit sticky on the first seconds of application, but quickly absorbed and leave the skin drenched in moisture. 

the texture
You can see the difference on my hand, left with Advanced Night Repair and right without.
Not to forget that Mr. Wu also did a simple make up on one of my fellow beauty blogger; Via

lucky to get 'touched'! 
Another product that left me awed is this: Estee Lauder Perfectionist Line Smoother.

Perfectionist Line Smoother

Bobbie used this before applying the lipstick and he also test it on his palm to prove that this product can smooth out the lines, especially the lips.

The texture is very creamy and soft, only a soft rub and it will smooth out your fine lines, transforming it to very smooth surface!

You can see the difference here:

comparison (left: with line smoother, right: without)
That's it, thank you Estee Lauder Indonesia for inviting me. It was a really good time there. ^_^

Estee Lauder team with Bobbie Wu

And here's me with super good-looking Bobbie Wu!
Sorry for plain, pale look because I have no make up on! -___-

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  1. We are so jealous of you! I hope this is an annual thing so later on we can also participate! lucky you :D


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