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Makarizo Hair Fashion Festival 2013

Hello beauties, last month Makarizo held a very big event named Makarizo Hair Fashion Festival 2013 at Mall Taman Anggrek, Jakarta. The event was started from March 18-24, 2013. And on the Friday, March 22, they arranged a talkshow with theme "The Uniquely Chocolate Sensation" along with other beauty bloggers.

So, let's talk about it!

The theme of this year's hair fashion festival is La Belleza Eterna, which is inspired from the beauty of nature. Thus, the name of each hair color trends are derived from the name of natural elements such as: Rock Mountain, Under the Sea, Desert Winds, and Wild Wood.

rock mountain (taken from makarizo fb page)
wild wood (taken from makarizo fb page)
desert wind (taken from makarizo fb page)
the crowds are crazy!

Okay, so Makarizo was very kind to provide our lovely beauty bloggers vouchers to be redeemed during the event. Those two voucher worth Rp 200.000 in total can  be used to get any Makarizo consumer and professional products. So kind, yeah? Of course!

But first, let's talk about the talkshow. So, the talkshow is named "The Uniquely Chocolate Sensation." Why? Because Makarizo has its own chocolate product line; Texture Experience Black Chocolate shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask! Sounds yummy, eh?

Not to forget the presence of a very lovely little lady; Ariel Tatum. She's an actress turned singer. Very cute one.

Ariel in the middle (taken from makarizo fb page)
I was late at that time due to a very classical reason when you're Jakartans.. Which is traffic jam. Soon after the talkshow was done, all the participants who are also beauty bloggers  took a picture together! ^^
Indonesian Beauty Bloggers community members

Though the talkshow ended, at that time I stay still because I was soooo confused choosing the products to be redeemed! Yes, because there were a LOT of products there. Below are the products which attracted my attention the most during the event.

Texture Experience

Texture experience products offer you the luxurious sensation from every "Real Extract" which acts as therapy to release your negative mood. It consists of two products; Hair Massage Cream (Black Chocolate, Vanilla Milk, Cinnamon Coffee, Strawberry Yogurt, Green Tea Butter, and Mint Sorbet) and Body Scrub (Seaweed, Black Rice, and Deep Sea Mineral).
Good for itchy scalp
Most favorite body scrub: Black Rice
Nah, as for body scrub, the PR officer told me that mostly people love the scent of Seaweed one. But, turned out that day, Black Rice variant was sold out!!! Wow. I don't really understand, but I guess it's because it has cleansing and moisturizing function at the same time. 
Calling all sweet girls..!
don't eat them!
I also got these black chocolate shampoo and conditioner from the talkshow. Well, they say the scent will last for up until 3 days after the washing. Even when the caps and seal still on, the scent lingers around! I am hungreeeh!
Green Tea!!!
I love that there's green tea variant from Texture Experience. I've always been a big fan of green tea. I ended up buying the shampoo anyway.
I don't really dig Vanilla, but the bright yellow color tempts me..

And as for body scrub, I ended up taking the Deep Sea Mineral Body Scrub.


MK3 products
Inspired by the fast-changing environment, Makarizo presents this MK3 Ecology products to accommodatemany hair problem including dullness, split ends, roughness, dryness, and hair loss.

I am very interested in these products, especially MK3 Color Revive Series, since my hair is soooo dull. I want shiny hair! But the problem is, it's expensive. They say the price justifies quality, though.

But lucky me, I got other MK3 product; Refresh Rebonding Series from another talkshow! *giggles* 

One of the booths

Not to forget that I also got Vorsatz (from the pic above) hair loss shampoo,  hair masks, etc. Well, spending Rp 200.000 (equals to around $22) was really hard, LOL.
Very nice purple station :3

After done with the whole 'shopping' I just sat down at Makarizo mini station, a very cozy place with purple decoration while watching for the hair show from a far.

nice mini salon
 And here are my partners in crime that day, Via and Beatrix!!

With Beatrix and Via
 And look at our goodie bags combined together, it's crazy!!!



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