Rabu, 24 April 2013

Unboxing LOLABOX April 2013

I just received the very first box of Lolabox in this April!

The theme of the first Lolabox this month is THE ROLE MODEL, as we celebrate Kartini Day on April 21, to remind women about their important role in today's society.

Let's unboxing it!

 Taraa! Wow, so many things inside that cute pink-white box!

And I got this envelope from Lola containing brochures and vouchers.
 And this is the list of products inside along with the prices for full size products.

price list
 First product is PLATINUM Long Lasting Lipstick from Ristra


I got shade 63 Sparkling Orange

swatch on hand
 I've been waiting for orange lipstick and this one arrived just in time!

swatch on lip (please ignore small bump near it :p)
Next are products from Taman Sari Royal Heritage.
  • Green Coconut Series -   Conditioner
  • Papaya Enzyme Series - Body Scrub
  • Balinese Series - Murut Body Scrub
  • Cocoa Series -  Body Scrub

cute tubes
 Now from Orlane. I got 4 different products. First two are Orlane Anagenese 25+ Complex First Time-Fighting Care and Eye Contour

anti-aging products for our future defense!
 Then it's Extreme Line-Reducing Lip Care which claims to instantly smoothes our lips and helps getting rid of wrinkles and tiny vertical lines, leaving the lips supple.
Line-reducing lip care
 Last from Orlane is Be 21 eau de Parfum!

Be 21 Eau de Parfum
 Afterwards, 3 products from Sebamed; Cleansing Bar, Care Gel, and Deep Cleansing Facial Toner.

 And last but  not least is Aromatic Pouch by SCENTSIBILITY.
The aroma is just nice!

That's it. I'm so happy to receive my very first Lolabox and having these cute products for try.

You can get your own Lolabox by subscribing here.

4 komentar:

  1. Oooooh. This beauty box has very nice contents!

    1. yep!

      do you subscribe to any kinds of beauty boxes in your country?

  2. I got a red lipstick instead of orange. I don't like it :D
    The lipstick looks good on you.


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