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Updates! Graduation Day

Hello, I notice that I haven't write any other posts beside beauty, beauty, and beauty. I bet most of you guys must be bored reading my blog. And since I don't want to lose all of you, I will start updating other things around me beside beauty.

I will start with latest updates about my life!

So, I was recently graduated from my university, in February 2013 (yes, few months ago). Oh, I feel old already. I studied Management, with focus on Entrepreneurship in my university if there's any of you wants to know. Oh, not to forget that I was suffering from Dengue fever symptoms during my final assignment. 

So these are my pictures during my graduation day! YAY.
holding the trophy

A short story about my university life...

There are so many questions of why I chose to study in my university, so I am trying to explain it now. Actually, I wanted to study Law or Dentistry back then. But, one of my besties; Sarly, ask me to join the placement test to this university, simply because it offered full scholarship for those who passed the test with certain score. So, since the test was taken place at my school, I just did it. I don't say that the test was easy, but the time limit was crazy! The test was quite simple, only consists of English, Indonesian, and Logic. 

And so...

I passed.

And since the announcement was far before the UN (let alone the graduation), I was taking my lazy time.

And there goes my college life. I befriended so many people. I also found some annoying people. Well, life.

I even started a business together along with my other 4 classmates. And I find business so interesting. Found some super-annoying and evil  lecturers but also few angel-hearted and smart-head ones.

Do you know what my favorite subjects are? Organizational Behavior and Business Ethics! HAHA. Because the lecturers are just beyond amazing.

the mommies

with my besties; Riska and Jennifer

The graduation day was... BORING. And exhausting. I went back to the hotel with my family, ignoring the invitations from my friends to go to photo studio together because I was exhausted to the max! I even went straight to bed with the bustier still wrapped around my body. That's how exhausting I was. LOL.

And here are some of  the pictures taken
Looking at my own face, I was ugh so fat. -____- This was because I just recently recovered from my sickness. I lost 3-4kg in 6 days when I was sick, I guess I gained 5kg after the recovery.

Ridho, Renninta, Me
Not to forget that I used the makeup artist service from Max Factor. At first, I was going to do the make up by myself, but then I thought that it would be a big hassle so I just hired a MUA. Not bad.

With Dad!

And this is my Mom!

With Vita, one of the best friends ever!


And now, I'm currently jobless. Just wish me luck for the job-hunting!

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  1. Congratulations! anw I just followed your blog, would be happy if you could drop by / follow mine too :D http://peachysweetness.blogspot.com

  2. Congrats kak tia :D (yaa telat sih, itu graduation bln feb, baru ucapain skg, tapi lebih baik telat drpd ngga sama sekali toh? :P)
    sukses ya kak tia buat bisnisnya :)


  4. selamat yaaaaaa :D n goood luck for hunting a job
    jd pngen lulus jg, sdh smester tua nih, bawaanya pngen cpet keluar :p

    1. Thank you Saras!

      Hehehe, semoga cepet lulus juga yaaa

  5. wahh congratss :D
    smoga cepet dapet kerja.. sma nih lagi cari kerja jugaa hahhaa.. :D
    pretty :)

    1. amiinnnn semoga kamu cepet dapet juga yaaa

      thank youuu

  6. tiaa, happy graduation :D
    gw jg pengen cepet nyusulnih,haha

  7. kamu kuliah di situ ya,,,?? ngga coba ngelamar di group yg sama? dulu saya pernah juga kerja di group itu ;)) tapi cuma 1th aja. dan sekarang masih mencari pekerjaan ajahh *hadeuhh...*
    selamat ya udah lulus.

    1. hehehe, kalo kamu pernah kerja disana pasti tau kan working environmentnya gimana? hehe, dulu magang beberapa kali dan... kapok. LOL

      thank you!

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