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Happy Holiday with Lancome

Hello beauties! How was your day? It's almost end of the year, which means: Holiday Season!
Lalala, Christmas and New Year await. Well, I actuallyhad a short holiday back then on October. To Bali! Ahaaa... I rarely go to beach, because honestly I prefer mountains and forests. But hey, it's nice to try out something new once in a while. So I went to Bali and Nusa Lembongan with a friend!

Sanur Beach

Arrive in Nusa Lembongan
I've been to Bali a few times, but I never been to Nusa Lembongan before. So, just in case you don't know, Nusa Lembongan is an island near Bali, around 30-45 minutes by boat. It's new, two years ago, the government started out with the tourism thingy here, so it's still quiet and virgin.

cliff view from my place

Mushroom beach

so beautiful, isn't it?
I love the island so much! Everything was so QUIET and beautiful. Though the weather was freakin' hot and humid, I still love it. Moreover, I can get full holiday here as there is no (or very little) mobile signal. No more calls and emails for work disturbing my tranquil holiday!

Nah, problem is, since it's an island and I was exposed to much sun light there, I need better protection than my daily life. Though it's an island with so many plants and trees around (no pollution from cars, etc.), the extreme weather worried me. That's why I brought these skin care there!

Yes. I know it's so many. But I am that freak, I guess. Ever since I started to use Advance Genefique, I just can't skip it in my daily skin care regime. It boost everything else after, so I can't skip. Fortunately enough, I have my own travel size Advanced Genefique (not shown in the picture).

For cleanser, it's Mousse Douceur; a soap-free cleansing foam. Next step is toner, I brought Tonique Douceur; an alcohol free toner. I am quite sensitive when it comes to alcohol thing, that's why I prefer alcohol-free toner. After toner, I use Visionnaire Correcting Polishing Cream, also in mini size, so it's easier to bring with.

Since I was in beach and had such close encounter with the sun, of course I need UV protection. I brought UV Expert High Potency and BB Complete. The difference is the shade or color. I personally prefer BB Complete since it evens out my skin tone. ^_^

And just in case of emergency, you can also apply those UV Expert to your body as well.

Move on to the makeup. So, I always bring makeup products even if I'm on holiday. Well, just in case I will need to attend something or else, I'm well prepared.

First thing first is the foundation! It's Mat Miracle. This lovely foundation is a long-lasting foundation which lasts 24-hour! You can see my experience with this great foundation here: Lancome Make Up Service - Mat Miracle

And second most important is mascara; I love this Hypnose Star mascara! It gives me longer, thicker, and curler lashes. And it's waterproof and has glossy finish. I prefer mascara, because usually during holiday I won't need eyeshadows or eyeliners that much..

But just in case (again!), I brought the new Hypnose Palette in ST02, Kohl Hypnose Waterproof, and Le Crayon Poudre in Braun.

What I want to highlight is the Hypnose Palette. It's very unique since the packaging has magnet. So, no more worries that your eyeshadow applicator will fall down when you're in hurry. Hihi.

Last but not least; Body Care. I was lucky to get these La vie est belle Nourishing Fragrance Body Lotion and Invigorating Fragrance Shower Gel. I heard that the normal size is not available in Indonesia. I really need the body lotion since I experience extreme weather changing. It's freakin' hot outside, but when I came back to the hotell, it's cold with the air conditioner on. I love the fragrance, so soft and nice. And they're travel size, so it's very easy for me to bring it around!

Last, in order to make myself smell nice all day, I didn't forget to bring Tresor in Love mini Eau de Perfume. Smells really nice!

And everything (almost) fit in my Betty Boop's red makeup pouch by Lancome, so nice!

So what is my favorite Lancome product?
It's Mat Miracle Foundation!

Just in case you're curious about my place of stay during my trip in Nusa Lembongan, I stayed in Dodol Lembongan Cliff Sunset Villa. It's new and it is located on the cliff. During the day the sea was magnificent crystal blue while during the night, the moon shines the quiet sea. :) The owner, pak Made, was incredibly nice and friendly ^_^ 

Till next holiday beauties!

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  1. ahh jadi pengen nginep di lembongan, blm pernah loo.. wkwkw.. btw bnyk juga bawa sgitu.. foundienya berat pastie lol.

    1. kemon Jeeee, hahaha.. Foundienya berat bok, udah gitu kaca pula kan. Demi cakep ya begini kita biuti blogger Je :p


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