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Once Upon a Time with Coverderm

Hello beauties! Hihi, in this post, I would like to try doing makeup (well, if you notice I seldom post about makeup and have more posts about skin care). I did this look for IBB's November Make Up Challenge with Coverderm. The theme is "Once Upon a Time"

So, this month's theme is to create our own fantasy look, whether it's a fary tale, monster, or anything. It's more about having your own interpretation of fantasy.

And this time I created a Growly Cat makeup look. Hihihi. Of course, I'm using Coverderm products for this look.

So, this is my bare face, without anything (only moisturizer).

If you notice, I have uneven skin tone, dark spots, and I have eyebags (blame it on my nocturnal life!)

So, after moisturizer, I apply this Coverderm Skin Protector which act as make-up base. This product is very light, finely textured cream, ideal for before application of Coverderm Classic and so on.

It is enriched with ingredients that render deep moisturization and form a barrier-film that protects skin from environmental damages. It provides better evenness of the make-up and it is suitable for all skin types.

After that, I apply the famous foundation from Coverderm which is Classic; concealing foundation. This is the first foundation in USA which received a patent for its revolutionary formula invented by Lydia O'Leary in 1930s.

This foundation is a unique foundation that perfectly conceals any discoloration or imperfection from esthetic problems such as angiomas, scars, burns, psiorasis, birth mark, etc. to usual, everyday beauty concerns like acne, tattoos, moles, paleness, sun spots, age spots, freckles, couperose, and many more! Moreover, it has natural finish so it's good for everyday look.

Coverderm Classic is also hypoallergenic, doesn't clog pores, doesn't irritate the skin, and allow it to breathe all day and everyday! It offers 24-hour natural concealing and claim to be sweat-proof and waterproof!

It also has SPF 30 and available in 10 different shades, so no more worries!

And this is after application of Coverderm Classic. My shade is 3A, since I have yellowish skin tone with warm undertone.

You can see that it suits my skin perfectly, moreover it evens my skin tone too!

Smooth and clear skin :)

Then, I top it with Coverderm Finishing Powder.

It's a loose powder that is used after the application of make-up (Classic). It sets completely the make-up and renders radiance and silky texture to the face. What's nicer is that this powder is traslucent, which means that it doesn't change the make-up tone. It blends perfectly into the make-up rendering a perfect satin-matte finish throughout the day.

So I transformed from that flawless look to...

For decorative I used PAC Face Painting Kit in red, black, and white.

Hihihi. I'm not confident enough with this look though. As you can see, there are a lot of flaws and mistakes in this look. I'm still learning and I expect a lot of feedback from you girl so that I can do better next time ^_^

I draw the whisker, eye area, and freckles using face painting. Lips done using face painting also and for eyebrow I use black mascara.

^_^ Don't forget to join IBB's November Make Up Challenge by submitting your own fantasy look in your blog then submit all data and details needed here: http://bit.ly/IBBMUCNOV2013

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