Rabu, 13 November 2013

Etude House Almighty Any Cushion

Hello beauties! Welcoming November, this is my first post in this month. Wow, time flew fast. We're already close to 2014, can't wait!

Around a month ago, I received this latest product from Etude House; Almighty Any Cushion Foundation along with other beauty bloggers for preview. Sorry it took so long since I have been busy these days. Packed with activities and I left my blog on pause.

Etude House Any Cushion has SPF 50 and it comes in very typical Etude House packaging; PINK. Always cute and princessy. Well, I kinda fall for it, it's damn cute! So like any other cushion, the packaging is in a round, compact compartment, only bulkier.

I opened it, and there's a white-blue sponge with pink handle. It has separated compartment for sponge and the foundation in order to prevent the sponge being wet.

Okay, now go on to the 'cushion' part! So, after peeling off the safety peel, now you can see the cushion which holds the foundation inside.

How to apply? Just pressed the sponge gently to the cushion.

And voila! The foundation will move to the sponge, but don't worry, this sponge won't absorb the liquid foundation, the technology is called non-absorbing dual air puff.

Let's test it on my face!

before (only moisturizer applied)

So fun to poke through the cushion, though I know it's unhygiene! :p It has cushion cell trapping technology which allows the product to keep the product inside the cushion without leaking it anywhere except when we press it.

So applied it! I love the cooling sensation, it's a comfortable cool effect ^_^ I also love the coverage and light texture which as if I don't wear anything! It feels like my own skin but so much better. Besides, it also has SPF 50/ PA +++ :)

half application
You can clearly notice the difference right? Since I have that yellowish, warm undertone skin, this product is perfect because it somehow neutralizes that yellow color. It evens out my skin tone as well, so love this!
final result

And above picture is the final result, which is... FLAWLESS. Haha, I love my face except it looks a bit whitecast on pictures... Yes, might be because of the sun protection factor thing, but trust me, this product look soo good in real life (not for picture). So, you might skip this when you have those photo session, ladies.

Aside from that, I don't have any complaint over this. So, I can say that this Any Cushion is such a good choice for those of you who are always on the go, so easy to apply yet the finish is just beyond expectation.

Grab this Any Cushion at nearest Etude House counters all over Indonesia!

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