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Shu Uemura Private Beauty Bloggers' Gathering - The Lightbulb Foundation

Few weeks ago I was invited by Shu Uemura Indonesia to attend private beauty bloggers gathering. Turned out that it's also to introduce the latest foundation from them; The Lightbulb Foundation.

There were few other bloggers, both familiar and new ones like Phanie, Mui, Beatrix, Anggie, and Tania. Each table has a set of products and tools for beauty class.

And the gathering began with the opening words from Shu Uemura Marketing Manager; Regina. Also there was product demonstration done by Shu Uemura's BA to a model. Of course we were expected to follow the 'right' step by step for daily makeup. ^_^

I was excited because that was my first time experiencing Shu Uemura's product. Before that I only heard about the greatness, and finally came the time to experience the real ones.

Talking about Shu Uemura, I bet the most famous product from them is Cleansing Oil. Yes, that good that I've hear some ladies even put it as massaging oil (yes for bath!), wow I couldn't imagine soaking myself with 1 million worth oil to my fat, big body, hahaha.

starts with cleansing and toning

1. Cleansing
So we started with cleansing and it was done with cleansing oil. I use the brown one. So usually, we will pour 2-3 pumps to our palm of hand then spread it evenly to all over of our face then massage. But, they share the quick tips by pouring the oil to cotton pad and pat it to the whole face then emulsify it.

pour enough amount of oil to cotton pad (coin-size)
Or you can watch it here:
2. Toning
Neautralize your skin and clean the makeup residue using toner/ lotion.

And here's my bare face that day:

bare face
3. Eye Care
I used Tsuya Youthful Radiance Eye Concentrate this size:

To my both eyes and both upper and under eye. 

4. Tsuya Youthful Radiance Generator Essence
This is an essence which also part of the best-selling products. I love the texture and the absorbance. So quick without a trace of stickiness.

And after the essence, we start the make up part.
1. UV Under Base Mousse - Radiance Mousse Tsuya Skin

oooh so fluffy!!
And here's after under base mousse:

more even skin tone
2. The Lightbulb Foundation
Now it's time for star of that day: the new Lightbulb Foundation. It claims to give glow under any light! Well, gotta admit that the complexion makeup trend has shifted from 'matte' to 'glowy' thanks to KPop Invasion all over the world. But I personally love this because it gives more natural finish, means I can wear this anywhere without looking 'too much'.

It comes with a sponge, cute white one. Unlike any other sponge, Shu Uemura created this shape not for nothing. The wide bottom one is for usual application and the curve can be used for hard-to-reach area such as nose and under eyes. The narrow top can be used to create different finish; matte. So it's practically nice since it comes in a package with foundation ^_^

This is the finish using Lightbulb foundation:

3. Powder to set it all
Final touch to complexion? Of course the powder, just to make sure that everything will stay in place longer.

And here's my final look using complete makeup including decorative products~
all by Shu Uemura
And look what I've found that day, this new eyelash curler from Shu Uemura! Specially designed for Asian eyes so it can reach to the shortest and thinnest eyelash! I tried it and it feels good even though I don't have small eyes. :)

And here are my different pictures just to test out the claim: "GLOW UNDER ANY LIGHT"
What do you think?

Me personally can't agree more!

After done with the makeup, all of us enjoyed such a delicious late lunch together :D

After lunch, we were brought to the new counter of Shu Uemura in LOTTE Avenue. They have new concept! Very nice!

And there's this cute corner where all eyelashes by Shu Uemura are being displayed with very cute concept doll. 

Last but not least, each blogger who attended the gathering can bring their own shade of Shu Uemura The Lightbulb Foundation along with the sponge!

Thank you so much Shu Uemura Indonesia and especially Dea for such a pleasant afternoon :)

Wait for my review!
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  1. cantik + flawless !! suka warna lipsticknya jugaa..

    1. makasih ^^

      jatuh cinta sama Shu Uemura abis ikutan iniiii


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