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EVENT: bo.ho beauty class

This is super duper late post, but well, better late than never? ;)

So in last April I was invited to try this new makeup brand available at Beauty Box Indonesia. It's bo.ho cosmetics from France.

In order to introduce the brand and products, they invited several bloggers to a beauty class, using all bo.ho cosmetics products.

bo.ho offers a variety of makeup collections with the best quality in each product. In other words, it proves that it is possible to create green makeup for r professional quality with natural ingredients.

To be honest, I was excited to know that there is another contender of makeup brand using green concept beside The Body Shop. So here are my experience in bo.ho cosmetics Belajar Dandan aka Beauty Class in April.

Class started in the morning, it was 10 AM I guess, the theme was Spring/Summer makeup.

so many colors available!
Agustin Puji
The class was guided by its national makeup artist; Agustin Puji. And here's the model at that time.


So the class worked just like this: Ms. Puji will explain while demonstrate how to achieve the look step-by-step then we directly follow.

First, skin care basics.

Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Here are two of skin care products available also in Beauty Box; Docteur Renaud.


Day Cream
Actually, since it was quite fast, I didn't have much time to take picture step by step. Hahaha, I was in a rush y'know!

But let me highlight some of the products that amazed me.

1. Concealer
bo.ho has 3 different concealer shades. It comes in stick (think lipstick) but the texture is very very creamy, making it is easy to be blended.

green corrector for redness and acne

2. Eyeshadow
It has wide range of eyeshadow colors! Seriously I feel like summer is here already because the colors are popping out; lime green, orange, pink, and many more.

My favorite one was lime green and orange.

Not forget to mention that it is pigmented and the color is exactly like what's in the pan. But, be careful during the application because it's too powdery I think. But still love it.

3. Bronzer
It has both shimmery and matte bronzer, perfect for contouring as well. The texture is nice too.


I was happy because I also met Gabby and Iva! Hahaha, we continued the day with eating lunch together *gossiping time!*

Gabby taking Selfie

And here's my after makeup face. Also, nice hair thanks to Beauty Box BA who kindly offered me to do hair styling using their product in store~

And here's my outfit that day, the dresscode is Spring Chic~

Wait for my review of bo.ho cosmetics SOON!

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  1. Tiaaaa, boleh rampok traincase nya ga???? hahahahaa

    The Journey

    1. Hahaha iya ciiii, menggiurkan sekali yakkkkkk :3

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  3. ditunggu reviewnyaa ^ ^

    1. iyaaa, bentar lagi aku publish hahaha, thanks for stopping by yaa :)

  4. Hi, first time leaving a comment and I am sure there will be more to come ❤ Nice make up ❤ Can't wait for your further review of bo.ho cosmetic products ❤

  5. nice post!
    Ditunggu reviewnya!


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