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Thoughts & Ramblings: On Monogamy and Polyamory

Hi Hi!!
It's been long since I posted about my personal life here. Well, talking about personal life might be a BIG NO NO for some people, but for me, I do believe that it's actually good for yourself.

I'm actually not good in expressing myself, I mean, in form of direct way, err, like talking.

"But Tia, you're very talkative and such a gossiping machine!"

Heard that a lot.

But, truth to be told, I might be good in general, day-to-day conversation, and some deep convo. But, have you ever heard me talking a lot about myself, like how I feel about myself, how do I feel in order to react to certain circumstances, ahem, especially some things which involve feelings like love and relationship?

I believe only few of you have heard of it from my MOUTH.

That's because I'm just not good in expressing it spoken. Sometimes, even when I tried to, everything just collided, no one got my point, and yes, it ended up disastrous.

Okay, enough about my so-called OPEN UP problem. Now, let's talk about some of my personal matters here.

I would like to talk about MONOGAMOUS RELATIONSHIP.

First, I'd like to ask, do you believe in Monogamous Relationship, which is a form of relationship in which an individual has only one partner during their lifetime or at any one time (based on Wikipedia)?

Despite all the hardships (lol, sounds like an old lady) and some odd life circumstances that I've been through, I confidently still believe in it.

Well, there might be some of you or even my closest ones who don't stay on the same side as mine. Yep, they're questioning monogamy and getting closer to believe in polygamy or polyamory.

I don't mind, at all. It's your life and same goes to mine.

But what I hate is those who use their stance on it as an excuse to hurt and wreck others' lives.

You believe in polygamy? Polyamory? Yes, sure you can do that as long as your partner(s) or soon-to-be partner(s) believe in the same point of view as yours.

I've done enough watching some people whose life ruined by these unfaithful, indecisive people who claimed to believe in polygamy or polyamory.

I certainly disbelieve polyamory, especially the ideology that openness, goodwill, truthful communication, and ethical behavior should prevail among all the parties involved.

I just laugh hard over this. As for myself, I believe that we're created to be coupled, not to be grouped. I, myself, have a tendency to be and make someone exclusive, just the two of us. I just find it hard to believe that we can share the same amount, same degree, same kind of love to more than one person. Even in some religions and beliefs, the requirements to practice polygamy/polyamory are hard, especially to be assured that we can be fair and square in sharing and expressing our love to our spouse.

Why I'm against this so hard? Let's say, hmm, I've seen some people around me, being the victim of it and also I almost fell into this abyss. So, I knew exactly how it feels and how it feels to be free from it (though I haven't experience the real polyamory, but almost in).

For me, polyamory and polygamy are just the ultimate excuses for those who are incapable of being faithfull and are unconfidant of themselves, thus trying to fill up the holes with it.

Honestly, tell me which one do you believe in?

and why?

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