Senin, 14 Juli 2014

WISHLIST: Skin79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream from Carnellin

Hello girls! As a typical girl, of course sometimes I can't help but having those long, long wishlist. And this time for sure it's beauty wishlist. Lately, I'm craving for BB cream. But what happen to those BB, CC creams, and foundations?


Don't Forget Meeeh *said the cushions*

Call me greedy, but truth to be told, we, women and girls, are always up for something new. And I spot this giveaway from Carnellin featuring Skin79 Indonesia!

I am actually already quite familiar with Skin79 BB Cream as I used this occasionally back then. I used to use the Hot Pink one and it has such high oil control! I recommended it to some of my friends, and up until now there are some of them who are still using it.

Carnellin generously provide 7 different Skin79 BB Cream to 7 winners. All we have to do is to blog about which BB Cream we would like to win, along with other social media following requirements.

And for me, I choose...

Yeap, it's Snail Nutrition BB Cream!


1. Because I'm very interested in Snail use for beauty! I have been using snail product which is a mask too (you can read MY REVIEW here)

2. I have such a dull skin due to stress, and this BB Cream claims to get rid of those problems!

I also read some reviews, and the reviews are mostly positive. One of the review which tempted me is from Sekararum.

Look at this picture below!

courtesy of Racun Warna Warni

It tempts me because I'm actually looking for lightweight BB Cream which will be perfect for day-to-day application.

Fingers crossed! Hope that I can win Skin79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream from Carnellin!

If you're interested, you can check Skin79 Indonesia's social media below:

3 komentar:

  1. ya ampunn ti banyaknya koleksimu XD
    kok banyak yg belum direview? :p hihi
    Btw aku suka sama layoutmu yg sekarang ^^ sky blue nya bikin adem

    1. Iyaaa Shelvi, aku suka kelupaan. Trus kalo suka banget dipake tiap hari udah acakadut bentuknya.

      Makasih Shelviii, hihi iya nih, mau utak atik aku belum ngerti-ngerti banget >_<

  2. koleksinya lengkap yaa hahaha
    Btw ikut event ini ga?


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