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REVIEW: Sariayu Martha Tilaar Lipstick Borneo Series

Sariayu Martha Tilaar just released its new color trend in 2014; Inspirasi Borneo The Colors of Asia earlier this year.

Why Borneo?

Kalimantan or mostly known by  is the third largest island in the world with a stretch of tropical rainforest that makes the lungs of the world. Not only that, Kalimantan also has a unique cultural mode that always charming. The specialty is making Sariayu Martha Tilaar inspired to lift Kalimantan broad back through Color Trends 2014. 

Sariayu Martha Tilaar Borneo Lipstick Series Review

I received the whole package of Borneo collection, but this first post is dedicated to the lipstick, since I am a big fan of lipstick.

So the lipstick series has 4 shades; B-01 to B-04. Actually, this is my first time trying Sariayu Martha Tilaar Lipstick, though I've heard about the pigmented quality of this lipstick among friends and bloggers already.


It comes in usual lipstick packaging; plastic one. The design is nice in my opinion, with clear packaging, we can quickly see which shade is it, plus it also has bottom shade (don't worry if you put it upward or backward, you can always know the shade without having to remove the cap first).

The design on the packaging is also interesting, it has traditional pattern with the combination of pink, green, and yellow. 

After removing the cap, we can see that each lipstick is carved with traditional pattern, with "SARIAYU" word below it. I find this cute! Though after a few swatch and usage it's gone.


As you can see above, it's the swatch of 4 shades (from left to right); B-04, B-03, B-02, B-01. The color payoff is excellent and it's indeed pigmented.


This lipstick has satin finish, so it can be worn even without lip balm beforehand. 

Unfortunately, this lipstick series has too much fragrance. I actually dislike the fragrance as it is too strong and feels funny (do I wear lipstick or perfume?)

Here's the swatch on my lips.


This color is more like peach shade, which is safe for day to day make up, but can instantly give the carefree and lively effect on my face. 
This is actually my favorite! I think my skin suits this kind of color the most, because every time I wear bright red lipstick, it instantly give my face a boost. The color is bright red which is perfect for classy look or when I don't have a time to put on full make up; two to three swipe of this lipstick and I'm ready to go!
Fuchsia! I always want to try to put on fuchsia lips more often and I have to admit this shade has nice fuchsia color. My number 2 favorite after B-02 for this Sariayu Martha Tilaar Borneo series lipstick.
This is a perfect pair for smokey eyes or 'heavier' eye makeup. If you want to play safe or put on a nude lips, this shade is perfect for that. But for me, this shade has more brown color rather than peach. And I honestly prefer nude lipstick with more peach color rather than brown. Why? Because it doesn't accommodate my skin tone, so it actually makes me look dull.

And here's how it looks on me.

Which Borneo lipstick shade do you think suits me the best?

For me, I think it's B-02 (Bright Red) :)


It starts from Rp 32.000 (or around 2.5-3 USD). So it's pretty affordable. Anyway it's available in hypermarket, supermarket, local cosmetic, and Martha Tilaar shop, so it won't be hard to find this product.


In my opinion, Sariayu Martha Tilaar Borneo series is such a recommended lipstick series for everyone! Aside from the overly strong fragrance, this lipstick is a must-have for all women.

Wait for my review on Sariayu Martha Tilaar Borneo foundation, blush, and eyeshadows!

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  1. Wah warnanya bagus bagus ya, by the way itu pattern nya kayaknya ( kalo gak salah ) pattern wajib di semua line lipstick sari ayu ya? Bukan sesuai seri dari daerah mananya hehe ( CMIIW )
    Warnanya bagusan yang bagian kiri bawah tapi kak, lebih bright wajahnya pas pake warna itu daripada warna merah :)


    1. thank you ya koreksinya! :)
      wah yang fuchsia ya, iya itu no.2 favorit aku :)

  2. Love B-02 and B-0, but all of the color suit you very well <3


    1. Hahaha, well, I don't know that fuchsia suits me that well. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. warnanya bagus bagus ! :D suka banget sm yg B-01

    1. iya, colorful ya, gak mirip-mirip jadi tergoda beli semuanya >_<

      yang B-01 peach gitu emang kecee hehehe

  4. First time to hear about this lipstick brand, they have a lovely packaging!
    ~Pauline @ Benefit cosmetic Philippines


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