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My Year 2015 in Review

Another year has passed by and now I'm typing this post in 2016. A lot of things happened throughout year 2015; happy and sad. But, the most important thing to be remembered is that all those things (whether it's happy or sad) lead me to a better person. Yes, there is always lesson learned. It should be.

So here's my year 2015 in review. Enjoy!

1. I Travel A Lot!

I travel more compared to 2014, and it started very early from January!

Trip to Jogja & Kawah Putih

I went to Jogja and visited Borobudur temple with my parents in January. This is nice since I can spent the beginning of the year 2015 with my beloved ones. Then the trip continued to Kawah Putih, it was my first time there. I always love highlands, so I love the place!

Trip to Puncak with Pasukan Minion

So I have these friends where we often communicate through LINE Group Chat and that group is called "Pasukan Minion" LOL. Friendship started from our office located nearby (some on the same floor). It was a blast and I visited some places I've never been before like Taman Bunga Nusantara (perfect for OOTD).

Work (and Holiday) Trip to Tokyo!!

I visited Tokyo (again) in 2015, but this time for my HQ office 5th anniversary. I went there with my boss and manager (yes, the only girl is me). So basically first few days were spent in office and office party.

Morning Meeting in the Office
It was very different. The working atmosphere is very quiet (LOL, my office is very loud and there are a lot of laughters). And food is surely expensive (1,000 yen per meal near office).

There were some nights spent with Japanese boss and co-workers. One of the place that I like the most is izakaya in Shibuya. It serves horse meat, and it is super delicious (my first time tasted it)!

Horse meat anyone?

Warm message from the Izakaya staff
Group picture!
I also met a man from Couchsurfing, his name is Nobu san. He showed me around and brought me to Meiji Shrine, Asakusa Temple, and Harajuku Street. Thank you very much~

Happiest place on earth!

Last day we spent in Tokyo Disneyland. My first time here too! I wrote and hung my wish as it was during Tanabata festival.

Guess what's my wish?

Reunited with Old Friends - Weddings of Renninta & Vita

Lawang Sewu

I also traveled to Lampung (Pulau Tangkil and Bandar Lampung) and Central Java (Semarang and Kendal) for my best friends' weddings.

It was nice to reunite with old friends after all. Ever since our graduation, it has been so hard for all of us to spend time together.

Posing under the Waterfall

Pulau Tangkil, Lampung

2. New Experiences

I also experienced a lot of new and exciting things! From being a blogger ambassador for a well-known brand, featured in magazine, and joined exciting competition. 

Best Attractive Beauty Blogger on Senayan City Beauty Showcase

It was during Beauty Blogger Meet Up that I arranged along with other fellow beauty bloggers; Carnellin, Shinta, Mei, and Jean. There was a voting in Instagram and luckily I won!

Become ACUVUE Define Blogger Ambassador

Thanks to ACUVUE Define, whom trusted me as their blogger I can share about my beauty blog and also blogging in general to more audiences. Not to forget I can experience wearing quality lenses as well!

Featured in Magazine

I am so grateful that I can be featured in FEMALE Magazine for a full one page! *Excited* Thank you very much mba Ajeng and mba Dewi for giving me the chance to share about my blog!

GARNIER Light Complete White Speed Project with Jean

Thanks to mba Medina, we got featured in GARNIER promotional video and gave our testimonial during the launching. I was really excited because I can work together with Jean. Hahaha, it was so fun.

Learning about Vlogging

I joined Beauty Bound Asia competition and attended the workshop for semi finalists with Youtube. There, I met a lot of beauty vloggers; some of them are beauty bloggers as well so I met a lot of familiar faces.

I learnt a lot from the workshop, and ever since that day I have been creating some videos. Some of them are already uploaded on my Youtube channel too. And I am still learning, it's just great to learn new things.

3. People Come and Go & Walk Away

Yes, last but not least, this post is gonna be a little bit emo or mellow. During 2015, I learnt that there are going to be some people who at some point of your life will become your friends. And some friends, who at some point, will become just people.

I actually have trust-issues. No I'm not trying to be a drama queen, but that's reality. I take friendship seriously. When I admit someone as my friend, that means that someone deserves my trust. It's whole different level with relationship. In relationship, there's higher risk that it will end someday. But, I put higher expectation on friendship. I expect it to last forever. Even it has to come to an end, I never expect that it's going to end like this. Yes, like this year.

But thankfully, I still have friends who are here with me. Supporting me. Comforting me. And I hope our friendship can last forever. :)

Thank you 2015! I had a blast!

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