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ULTIMA II Delicate Lipstick

Holaaa! I'm back with another review. And this time is my favorite makeup thing: LIPSTICK. It's the latest lipstick from ULTIMA II; Delicate Lipstick.

ULTIMA II Delicate Lipstick is enriched with Vitamin C and E which will make our lips stay moist, soft, and smooth. It has satin finish so it won't leave your lips dry. The formula also contains High Shine Polymers which can make our lips look healthily glowing. Also, as for the coverage, you can easily build it, one layer means that it will be subtle and the more you add the layers, the more vibrant the color will be shown on your lips.

Originally, Delicate Lipstick is available in 15 shades, but this time I will review only 4 of them: Spice, Raspberry, Plum, and Fuchsia.

The packaging is simple, it's metallic silver packaging which can also serves as mirror (since it reflects). The drawback is that this kind of packaging makes me hard to pick the lipstick color (it all looks the same without opening the cap). 

Here's the swatch on hand.

left to right: Fuchsia - Plum - Raspberry - Spice
Let's see how they look like on my lips!

Bare Lips





I know that you all must be thinking "why it looks so different from the stick?" or "why it's so sheer?" Well, all above swatches are consist of one layer each, so no wonder it looks so subtle. Besides, it actually depends on your natural lip color. Mine is very pale and most lipsticks are lighter on my lips (e.g. THE FACE SHOP Ink Lipquid).

Overall, I love ULTIMA II Delicate Lipstick for my daily wear because it has satin finish which means that my lips stay moist and it will be easy for me to reapply it throughout the day (because it won't crack unlike matte lipstick). 

My favorite shade out of those 4 is Raspberry. Unlike the color shown on the stick, it is very subtle and natural on my lips. 

So, what do you think? Have you try this lipstick from ULTIMA II? Or which shade you find the most favorite?

Let me know in comments section!

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