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COWSTYLE Milky Body Soap Refresh Citrus

As you already know, I'm a big fan of Japanese beauty products. And I'm back to introduce you all with another Japanese beauty products (personal care): COW BRAND Milky Body Soap!


Milky Body Soap is one of the personal care brands under COW BRAND; a Japanese company established for more than 100 years. In Indonesia, COW BRAND is available since 2013, I've written about the launching once (COW BRAND is Finally in Indonesia!).

COWSTYLE Milky Body Soap Refresh Citrus

There are many brands under COW BRAND, like BOUNCIA, Skin Life, and Shizen Gokochi. This time, I'd like to review Milky Body Soap Refresh Citrus. Actually I've tried Milky Body Soap before, but the fragrance was Relax Floral (pink bottle). 

For those of you who are not familiar with Milky Body Soap, it's a liquid soap brand which has four different fragrances:
  • Milky Body Soap Mild Fragrance (blue bottle) - mild aroma
  • Milky Body Soap Relax Floral (pink bottle) - floral fragrance
  • Milky Body Soap Refresh Citrus (yellow bottle) - citrus/orange fragrance
  • Milky Body Soap Happy Fruity (green bottle) - fresh fruity scent

Each of variant is produced in Japan (made in Japan) and the main feature of this soap is the creamy foam which can retain moisture in our skin, making it stay moist, smooth, and soft. It contains three different milk extract:
  • Milky Ceramide from Sphigomyelin
  • Milky Powder from Skim milk
  • Milky Protein from Hydrolyzed casein

It also contains Glycerin and the combination of all aforementioned composition will make the skin become even softer and smoother. Not only good for our skin health, Milky Body Soap also spoiled our senses by having such a fresh and soft scent, resulting in relaxing effect after shower. Last but not least, it contains Hyaluronic acid 20 times higher compared to other soap!

My Experience with COWSTYLE Milky Body Soap Refresh Citrus

I've been using Refresh Citrus variant for a month and I really love it. I even love it better than Relax Floral. For those of you who loves tangy, fresh scent to energize your day, Refresh Citrus is definitely for you! The fragrance is not that strong (I have sensitive sense of smell), just perfect to make you relax but still ready for the day.

I also love the pump packaging, it's hygienic and practical. And it lasts longer than I expected. Until now, I still have 3/4 of the bottle. Yes, you only have to use a small amount of the soap as the consistency of the product is a bit runny, so it's very easy to build bubble foam.

COWSTYLE Milky Body Soap Refresh Citrus

I created above bubble foam in half pump and I keep creating the bubble, making it thicker until like this picture below.

COWSTYLE Milky Body Soap Refresh Citrus

Quite thick right? And do you know that the thicker the foam, the better for your skin? Yes, the truth is we don't have to scour our skin in order to clean our body. Contrary to popular belief, rubbing (especially when you're doing it harsh) can make your skin become irritated. That's why it's better to create thick bubble foam. Why? Because thick bubble foam can seep into your pores, cleansing it. So it's healthier, safer, and cleaner for your skin by washing using bubble foam!

In short, I'm very satisfied with Milky Body Soap Refresh Citrus. And since I've tried two variants of Milky Body Soap, I'd like to try BOUNCIA as well.

Hope my review helps you~

For more information about where to buy and prices:

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