Sabtu, 16 Januari 2016

Coloring My Hair with Hoyu Bigen Speedy Color no. 6

As you can see in my previous post about my experience with Japanese perm, my hair look so damaged. So last month, in early December 2015, I decided to color my hair; darker.

When I went to Japan last year, I bought so many hair color products and I decided to give this Hoyu Bigen Speedy Color a try.

I bought this in Matsumoto Kiyoshi but I already forgot how much does it cost. I think it's around Rp 80.000 (if converted from Yen to Rupiah). I originally bought this because of my mom. She tried it once and said that the quality is very good (disclaimer: my mom regularly dye her grey hair, so she tried a lot of hair coloring brands).

The darkest one is no. 7, but since I don't want to dye my hair black (because that way I won't be able to re-dye it), I ended up buying no. 6. No. 6 is dark brown, judging from the box.

All information and instruction is in Japanese, but it's clear enough for me to follow.

It contains two tubes (cream developer & coloring cream), instruction paper, plastic gloves, and hair comb/brush.


As you can see my hair is a real disaster. The color is uneven, and it looks like I haven't washed my hair for ages! LOL. I want to tone it down by having darker hair color.


Since my mom already owned a coloring bowl (this bowl is specially used only for color mixing), I don't have to look for unused bowl or container. But, just in case you can't find anything to mix the color, you can use the tube container (square one) which is made from plastic and safe to be used to mix the cream.

I carefully applied the whole tube to my hair with the help of my mom. Sadly, a box didn't completely cover my medium-length hair.

And after it's all covered, I wait for around 30 minutes (though the instruction says 15 minutes is enough), then washed.

And here's the result.


Though it says dark brown on the box, it turned out to be super dark brown which looks like BLACK. LOL! Hahaha, it feels like ages ago when I still have my black hair (I think it was junior high).

My hair feels and looks healthier with this dark color and I am super happy with this result! 

I highly recommended this Hoyu Bigen Speedy Color no. 6 for those of you who wants to achieve darker, healthier-looking hair. But, please note that this is Japanese product (made and sell in Japan), so results might be different with other Hoyu Bigen Speedy Color which is sold in other countries.

And if you have same or longer hair than mine, be prepared with at least two boxes to completely cover all of your hair.

The color lasts quite long until around a month. So I think it's worth to buy and try!

What do you think of my new hair color? Is it YAY or NAY? Let me know in comments!

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  1. Hai ka tia..
    Ini aku rima dari grup Sociolla di Line.. ^^

    Folback ya :)

  2. Hi Nataly,
    Aku sdh follow yaa ^^


  3. yaampun rambut sebelum diwarnainnya kering bangett ka bisa rusak begitu._.
    btw aku follow blognya, aku dari sociolla blogger. salam kenal ka tia^^

    1. Hai Auliaaa...
      Iya, rusak parahhh.. Keriting memang paling damaging sihhh...


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