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5 Period Hacks that Will Make You Feel Better

What's coming regularly every month, but always ended up making you feel anxious? Yes, that's PERIOD. I believe most of you girls, are dealing with this every single month... Though when it doesn't come, you'll ended up feeling more anxious! 

But don't worry cause I got you covered with 5 Period Hacks that will certainly make you feel better!

5 Period Hacks that Will Make You Feel Better

1. Move Your Body!

I know it feels so hard to do some exercise, let alone to get up from bed when it's that time on the month. But trust me, you'll feel so much better if you move and workout! I'm a couch potato and never think about hitting the gym all my life (no, I can't commit to that), but I know that I have to be more active when I'm having my period.

Yes, you don't have to hit the gym, just a little stretching at the office can help. What are the benefits of doing the exercise during menstruation period? It helps you to fight bloating, ease cramps, and also improve your mood (hormone, girls).

So you gotta move it, move it!

2. Snack it Right

Yes, you need to watch your food during this period. It's crucial to avoid cramps and reduce bloating. Some of the easiest and delicious food you should include are banana and chocolate (preferably dark choc).

Why banana? Banana is rich in vitamin B6, magnesium and potassium, which can reduce water retention and bloating. It tastes good and also makes you feel full longer. 😉

Also chocolate, cause it's everywhere, taste nice, and though it is not yet verified, is likely help to alleviate cramps and increase energy, thanks to magnesium. It also contains endorphins, or “happy hormones,” which can help improve your mood.

And for don'ts, you should be avoiding caffeine during your period, since it can make you anxious and retain water, so kick that coffee addiction and replace it with tea.

3. Save Your Skin

I prefer to use foam based cleanser, especially during the period. Your whole body is different when you're on period and it's more sensitive. The safest choice is to use foam based cleanser, which is delicate to my skin. Also, I choose lighter moisturizer as my skin is more prone to breakout. Small tips: always be ready with face wipes especially after workout, don't let the sweat turn into acne!

4. Massage your Body

When you're experiencing cramps, you can always apply this method. Just press the blue circle on the palm of your hand and massage it to reduce the cramp, anytime even in public. 😉

If you have time, go visit the massage parlor for more professional massage to reduce the cramps and discomfort.

5. Wear the Right Pad!

Last but not least, do remember to choose the right pad to accompany you during period! These days, I've been using CHARM Body Fit Fragrance. Yes, it's new variant which has gentle rose fragrance that can help to conceal the 'smell,' No more worries!

They also have wide variety of choice for this variant; Extra Maxi (Wing/Non-wing) and Super Slim (Wing/Non-Wing). The one that I love the most is the Extra Maxi Wing one since it caters my need during period. Though the name is Extra Maxi, it doesn't feel like wearing those diapers 😂  and the most important thing: it doesn't leak!

Though my face is not that sensitive, when it comes to feminine parts, mine is very sensitive one. I haven't switched my feminine pad for ages since most of other brands always hurt me. And CHARM Body Fit Fragrance feels like second skin to me~

Plus, the soft, relaxing rose fragrance (my favorite scent!) wins my heart!

And those are 5 period hacks from me, have you tried any of those?

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