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HAKUBI BB Cream Moisture Rich

For skin care products, I usually put my trust on Japanese brands. Japanese brand is well-known for its high-quality and promising results, that's why I always willing to try Japanese skin care brands. SATO Pharmaceutical Japan is one of the Japanese brand which has been available in Indonesia since 2014. You might be mostly familiar with HAKUBI White C Tablet and White C Gel; whitening product that work together to take care of our skin both from inside and outside.

Last month, I attended the launching of three new products from SATO:
1. HAKUBI BB Cream Moisture Rich; five in one multitasking BB cream

2. HAKUBI Q10 Cream; three magic power for youthful skin 
3. SATO Pastaron Ultra Hydrating Cream 

During the launching, there's also beauty talkshow session with famous actress and presenter; Astrid Satwika. Basically she shared with us about her skin care routine, challenge in taking care of her skin, and also testimonial of three launched products from HAKUBI Indonesia.

HAKUBI BB Cream Moisture Rich

From three launched products from SATO, the one that catches my attention the most is HAKUBI BB Cream Moisture Rich SPF 30 PA+++. This BB Cream is actually act as both skin care and makeup. How?

The born of HAKUBI BB Cream Moisture Rich is part of SATO Pharmaceutical's philosophy; "Healthcare Innovation". In order to ensure that our skin is not harmed by makeup, we need to choose makeup with skin care function. And that need is answered with this BB Cream.


It comes in single size; 40g tube packaging. Dominated with white, blue, and gold color, this product has simple and clean design. Unfortunately, I think that the design should be improved so it can have elegant feeling.

This BB Cream has screw cap design with non-airtight pump feature. I also think that this feature could be improved with flip top cap design and airtight pump dispenser. This kind of conventional dispenser is a bit dangerous, especially for on-the-go beauty (imagine bringing this BB Cream in your bag and it's accidentally opened?).


As for the ingredients, the highlighted main ingredients are Hyaluronic acid, Squalene, and Collagen. Those are famous ingredients for moist and elastic skin.


It's FIVE in ONE multitasking BB Cream:
1. Hydrate
It helps to hydrate and maintain the moisture inside the skin (supported by Hyaluronic acid, Squalene, and Collagen).

2. Prime 
Perfect for makeup base since it has smooth and soft finish.

3. Conceal 
It can cover enlarged pores, wrinkles, and dark spots.

4. Care 
It helps to take care of our skin health with natural ingredients.

5. Protect
Protect the skin from the negative effects of UV rays with SPF 30 PA+++

How to Use

The instruction is clearly available in the packaging box. When you open it for the first time, you'll see the above picture. So use the product wisely, as instructed we only need to use the BB Cream approximately like size of a pearl.

It can be applied using either our own fingers, brush, or sponge. I personally prefer the use of sponge because it's faster for my day-to-day makeup and it gives the best result for me. And as instructed, it's best to dab, not drag the puff in order to achieve the best result (more coverage and longevity).



As you can see, this BB Cream is able to conceal my acne, dark spots, and enlarged pores. Though it doesn't conceal it completely, I was amazed by this! Usually BB Cream offers subtle finish, but this one has medium coverage with lightweight texture. Yes, though it covers those imperfection, it doesn't feel heavy at all to wear this all day long.

The cream texture is somewhere between thick and runny, so it won't clog your pores and heavy but enough to cover minor flaws.

Unfortunately, this BB Cream is only available in single shade as well. Lucky me, the shade suits my skin tone perfectly and it doesn't oxidized and has no grey tone (unlike most of Korean BB Cream). 

I love the moist, glowing finish that this BB Cream offers, so I highly recommend this for people who prefer glowing look. 

Unfortunately, this BB Cream doesn't lasts long, it fades and gets greasy after 3-4 hours of using. But I think that's completely normal since this BB Cream is infused with a lot of skin care ingredients, that's why it won't lasts that long. There's always a trade-off, with the abundance of nutrients for our skin, of course it won't perform as well as makeup (with no skin care infusion). 

Though it is designed for all skin types, I think this BB Cream is more suitable for combination and dry skin types (as it has glowing finish).

Where to Buy

HAKUBI BB Cream Moisture Rich can be purchased at Watsons, Guardian, Century, and AEON Supermarket for Rp 473.100,-. Quite pricey? I do think so. But considering the abundance of health nutrients for our skin, why not? Skin care is now considered as an investment, so invest it right! Just like the slogan from HAKUBI; healthy skin is lifetime beauty.

For further exploration of SATO HAKUBI, kindly visit their digital assets below:

Website : (https://www.hakubiindonesia.com)
Facebook : (https://www.facebook.com/hakubiindonesia)
Twitter : (https://www.twitter.com/hakubiindonesia)
Instagram : (https://www.instagram.com/hakubiindonesia) 
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