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CATALINA GEO Lash Power Volumizing Mascara

Another Korean makeup review from me. Hello, it's CATALINA GEO again, now I will share to you about its Lash Power Volumizing Mascara. I was quite satisfied with its make up base, so I am excited with this mascara. It claims to have these 3:
  • 3D volumizing mascara
  • Long-lasting 12-hour maintenance
  • Detailed long-lash look
Let's see!

It comes in gold box, also gold mascara packaging. It looks simple yet has luxurious feel~

It claims to have strong and immediate automatic volume effect, extreme one-touch volume-up and curling-up, smudge-proof & long-lasting, and easily removed with warm water. 

The shade that I've got is 6 Black, dunno whether it is available in other colors or not.

Love the details! It has beautiful engraving throughout its packaging. I feel pretty just to hold it in my hand 😂

Now, let's talk about the mascara wand. It has thick and dense brush which I have hate-love relationship with. First, it's great for volumizing the lashes, but problem with this kind of brush is: it will cause clumping.

And yes, what I'm afraid of is happening. Since the formula dries quickly, some of the lashes are clumped. 😖  Upper and lower lashes are entangled most of the time when I use this mascara. To be honest, I love the volumizing and lengthening effect, but it's hard to ignore the clumping problem. So I'm still finding a way to avoid the clumping problem, maybe I need to be quicker? 😬

The lasting power amazes me. It holds the curl for all day long, no smudge, and it's waterproof! However the only pain is to find the right makeup remover. It won't come off with only micellar water, so make sure you have oil-based makeup remover or prepare warm water for more assistance. So, if you're prioritizing the lasting power over ease of removal, this product is made for you!

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