Minggu, 04 Desember 2016


Finally! Hair cut post since my hair literally screamed out for help since few months ago. So I've been damaging my hair so much since last year, from coloring, perming, to recoloring.. And since perming bring the worst damage, I fight with a lot of split ends and major hair loss 😫😫😫

And I got a chance to get my hair cut at IRWAN TEAM PIK Avenue thanks to Clozette Indonesia. Read to see my transformation!


Please do excuse my cakey face (sad sad, it's due to my flaky skin and breakout) but that's how my hair looked like before. My hair is wavy and I don't really style (blow dry) it on daily basis so.. Yeah that's how it looked like.

And above (sorry for the blurry picture 😭  the staff was helping me to take a pic of my before picture but it seems to be blurry) is my before picture (from back) taken just before washing.

And above is my front look before cutting, so messy and the hair cut is barely recognized (though it's been only 3 weeks after my last cut 😂 so either the previous cut was so bad or my hair is being annoying).

First, of course washing. The staff told me that my hair ends are very dry while I have oily scalp. So he offered me specific shampoo to cater that needs. Also, I got extra hair mask to strengthen my hair roots. The massage was also nice, not too strong, just right 🙌

After washing, then it's time to cut! I forgot my stylist name, but I love her, she's very communicative and keep asking me whether the cut length is right or not (you know, sometimes we asked for 1 cm cut but the stylist ended up cutting 3-5 cm 😰). And it won't happen in IRWAN TEAM, lol. 

So I asked her to trim my hair and shape it while not to cut it too short. And she agreed with me telling that I will look better with medium hair, so she decided to create layers based on my daily hair routine (I rarely style my hair, just hair dryer and ready to go!).


I was "YAYYYYY!!!" when I saw the final look of my new hair! Yes, the result is very nice and the layers are perfect. And the most important thing, the stylist did create shorter layer on my side but she didn't cut much on the back part of my hair. So my hair does look so much shorter from front view, but when you take a look at the back, it's not that short. 😛

If you're curious, whole service costs Rp 372.000 for washing, blow dry, and cutting. I think it's quite a deal considering the full service IRWAN TEAM PIK Avenue has given me. The atmosphere of the salon was great, staffs were all very friendly, so I think it is worth the price!

What do you think of my new hair? Do you think it looks good on me?

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  1. Jadi lebih fresh & look more younger! Tapi kak Tia emang awet muda sih yahh :" hihi

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