Selasa, 30 Oktober 2012

Kiehl's Halloween Party

Another event report, everybody! So, on the same day with Lancome event, soon after the event ends, I attended Kiehl's Halloween party in Kiehl's store at Seibu Grand Indonesia. 

Soon after we arrived at the store, the manager kindly welcomed us and gave us the goodie bag. What's so special was the goodie bag. It's the shape of halloween pumpkin made from felt garment. Aww.. It's so cute. Moreover, we got the treats: Halloween candies and lollipops! It has been long since I ate sweets.. 

the products
So, I wandered around in the store and I can't help looking at this series; Dermatologist Series: Clearly Corrective White. I still use the Purifying Foaming Cleanser up until now to fight my dark spots (from acne scars). I really want to purchase another product, but yeah, I need to hold it. I need to do cosmetics diet (like Ci Priscilla once said in group). 

So, below are the pictures that I've managed to take at that time, enjoy!

this is Kiehl's Customer Favorites Shelf

Kak Carryn, Ci Priscilla, Ci Carnellin, and Kak Mada 

another silly picture of Via x))

Beatrix putting the skin check patch on her forehead

And here's what I've got from the party!

generous treats from Kiehl's

8 komentar:

  1. hueee ud bkin post ._. argggh tak dapat skin check T^T

  2. huahahahaha ngakak liat foto sendiri kenapa oh kenapa ekspresi aku harus kaya gitu..

    1. hahaha bagus tapi kok :p

      cocok nih jadi ambassador Kiehl's :p

  3. Tempat permennya lucuu bangeeet *o*
    Bagi dong permennya kak Tia hueheheh :p

    1. hehehe :p

      ntar aku kasih permen ya kalo ketemu :))

  4. wooii woii,foto gue yang super cute jangan di watermark ala titi kamal dong,hahaha >.<

    1. hahaha gapapa deh ^_^

      siapa tau ntar lo dicariin Titi Kamal :p


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