Jumat, 26 Oktober 2012

My Birthday Presents!

So, on last October 15th, I was officially turned 22. Though I have to spent my birthday far away from my parents (they live in Palembang), I was so happy that I got some birthday presents. So, I will tell you about the birthday presents I got according to the time of arrival.

  • My Beauty Diary Masks

Actually, Stuffedia originally send me these mask only for review purpose, but when they learn that my birthday was 15th of October, they send me 4 more as birthday gift. Haha, so kind, right? Anyway, I'll review these masks later, hehe.

  • COCO Phone

I got this from one of my best friend; Ira. She has been friends with me since both of us were still in elementary school. Actually, I would love to have purple one, since my phone is purple. But, yeah, this is a gift you can't request, LOL. Anyway, she said that she think color red suits me the best because I'm bold. Oh, I'm flattered, and happy! :)
  • Plastic Drawer

Nah, this stuff comes from my gank of best friends in my college. So four of them gave me this plastic drawer because, last time I went with them to hypermarket (to do monthly shopping), I said that I want to have another drawer since I got so many things in my room. I never expect that they would buy me this drawer, LOL. They also gave me a cheese cake as my birthday cake and we ate it together on the night of my birthday. Thanks, girls!
  • Yellow Cow Plush and External Hard Drive 

So, the day after my birthday, a package arrived and when I read the 'package description', it was written as 'doll'. Well, isn't it obvious? Hahaha. So, when I opened the package, this little, cute things popped out:

hello! happy birthday!
 And there was a greeting card inside, I was busy giggling when I read the card, until I discover something...


So there's another present in the package, which is: External Hard Drive! Yay! I've been longing for this thing ever since. I wanted to have a HDD so much but I haven't got the money since I have to watch Ingrid Michaelson LIVE in concert in Singapore last month. Whoa... At that time I was speechless. It's like combination of shock and happiness. LOL. Anyway, now I have a HDD, yay! I can keep my K-POP MVs and shows without burdening my laptop's internal hard drive now. Thanks K!


10 komentar:


    makan-makan nih besok~~~

    1. ayoklah makan-makan mels, tapi bayar masing-masing :p

  2. happy birthday kaak ^w^
    maaf telat yaa >,,< wuakakakakakak

  3. yeaiii..happy birthday dear... banyak banget kadonya :D

  4. Happy birthday kak Tia! Baru tau nih ultah wkwkwk, makan2 ye! :p
    Btw I already followed you since long time ago xD

    1. hahaha maaf mel, ampun hahahaha, GFC susah diliat -______-

      hahahaha, yok makan-makan! x))


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