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Lancome Beauty Bloggers Duel

Hi everyone, hehe, last time I joined the beauty event by Lancome Indonesia. It's actually a launching of Lancome latest mascara; Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara and a beauty bloggers duel between Hanna and Carnellin. 

 As usual, my head-to-toe look are mostly comes from thrift market aka flea market (see why I'm naming this blog Fleashion, right?). Hehe, it has been a looong time since I posted my look here, so this post will be a mix of beauty report and my outfit that day. ^_^

So, since there's no dress code for that event, I finally chose to wear this outfit to Mal Taman Anggrek, where the event was held.


  • Stripe Fake Collar - Rp 60.000,00 (around $6) from a bazaar
  • Dark Blue Top - Rp 20.000,00 (around $2) from Pasar 16, Palembang
  • Hearts Legging - Rp 10.000,00 (around $1) from Pasar Senen
  • MCM Sling Bag - Rp 15.000,00 (around $1.5) from Pasar Cinde, Palembang (and it's authentic!)
  • GAP Cardigan - long time collection
  • Purple flats - The Little Things She Needs - Rp 50.000,00 (Around $5) from bazaar in SenCy
Fiuh, done with the outfit, now let's go on talking about the event. The event was fun, we watched how Hanna and Carnellin try to create their look by telling what they want to the Lancome Make-Up Artist; Mbak Hanna and Mbak Chika. 

What's interesting was, the bloggers were not doing all the make-up, instead, they should tell the MUA about their idea of look and collaborated together to do the look. Carnellin chose "Doll Look" while Hanna decided to go with "Barbie Look".

In the end, all the guests have to vote for the best look and it turned out at the end that the winner is Carnellin! Yay, congratulations! Thus, Carnellin got the ticket to the next round of Beauty Bloggers Make-Up Duel which is still a secret.

After the duel, we got our snacks from J. Co, while chit-chatting with fellow beauty bloggers. It was nice to know other beauty bloggers, all of them are very friendly and we talked about sooo many things. Mostly random haha, from make-ups to sexual abuse in public transportation! Hahaha. I met Macchi from Romacchiato, Nita, and Yevi for the first time.

Via, Nita, Me

After that, we (Me, Nita, and Via) decided to use the free makeover voucher and took so many pics! Haha, enjoy the picture flood~
me and Via

By the way, I'd like to share with you about my makeover. Hehe, My make-up was done by Mbak Chika, one of Lancome MUA. Hihihi. It was loooong, but I have to say that the result is really satisfying ^_^


Thank you so much, Mbak Chika!

You can see the detail of my make-up below ^_^

Haaaa, what a long post, but I still got some pictures for you. Hehe, of course I brought some freebies from Lancome Indonesia that day. So here's what I've got from that event!

 Sample size: Genefique, Maqui Blanc Miracle, Teint Miracle, Le Crayon Khol, and Hypnose Doll Eyes

Here's quick review about them. Hehe, only tested once yaaa, I haven't got the time to do the full review. But, at least this will give you a quick impression, I hope. :)

Lancome Genefique Youth Activator

This is a youth activator which function is to make our skin looks younger than the real age. The texture is liquid and the color's transparent. It also quickly dry soon after we apply it on our skin. As the direction says, we can apply it twice a day, morning and before sleeping. I only use this three times as I have my own skin care regime.-__- Will try this later. But, my first impression is this product hydrates my skin and it feels good on my skin. 

 Lancome Le Crayon Khol Noir

This eyeliner is customer's favorite from what I've googled. I am fascinated by the quality of this eyeliner. The texture is really really soft but not fragile (not easily cracked) and the color is intense. Moreover, this eyeliner is also easily blended which resulted in sharp line that can be created easily. I definitely recommend this eyeliner! Haven't test for the waterproof yet, but I've tested that this eyeliner is smudge-proof, though (no pic yet, sorry!)

 Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle Compact Powder Foundation

I only try this product once, since I'm not a powder-person anyway.. But, I've gotta say that this powder's texture is really soft and when it's applied on my skin the result was really good and smooth. Furthermore, after using this, my face got brightened up and the staying power was quite good, it was almost 4 hours. I have a normal-to-dry skin and this was so far the best compact powder foundation I've ever used besides Paul and Joe's Compact Powder Foundation.

 Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mini Mascara

And here it comes the primadonna of that day. Yes, it's Hypnose Doll Eyes Mini Size Mascara. Lancome claimed that this mascara can make our eyelash curler and volumed just like doll's eyes. Actually, it was true that this mascara can make your eyelash curler and volumed as it claimed. But there are downsides of this mascara (As I use this mascara daily now), this mascara tends to be clumpy, which I hate the most. -_____- I tried applying this mascara slowly and carefully, but still, it clumped. Besides that, this mascara is not waterproof and smudge-proof. Well, I'm OK with non-waterproof since I won't spend most of my day facing splash of water or crying. But, smudge-proof is essential for me as I often rub my eyes unconsciously. But I do love the mascara wand, it makes it easier to apply the mascara since the wand follow our eyes' shape, and plus, the jasmine fragrance is really nice!

So that's it for this post. I guess this may be my longest post ever! Haha, see you on next beauty event!

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  1. Hi, salam kenal. btw outfitnya keren. eh iya mau tanya kamu orang palembang ya?, soalnya aku dr Palembang :)

  2. Salam kenaaal ^_^

    Makasih hihihi..

    Wah, kamu orang Palembang? Aku orang Palembang jugaaa pantes fotonya begitu :p

    Aku kuliah disini di Jakarta, senangnya ketemu orang sekampung :D

  3. Hello, I like ur eye make up :)
    lancome eye liner looks interesting, the color is pretty intense :)


    1. Hii ^_^

      Thank you, thanks to mbak Chika also ^_^

      anyway yes, the eyeliner is really recommended :)

  4. bisakah merenkomendasikan bagus foundation lancome apa bedak laneige? untuk keperluan sehari - hari ???

    1. Kalau buat sehari-harii... Cari yang ringan dan hasilnya glowy..

      Dua-duanya bisa kok.. Kalau dari Lancome, aku saranin Lancome Teint Miracle sedangkan Laneige, yang Laneige BB Cushion ajaaa


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