Rabu, 24 Oktober 2012

Lip on Lip in Carnation Pink

Have you ever heard of this lip product from Rohto Mentholatum? Well, I guess that this product is already available everywhere including pharmacies, supermarkets, hypermarkets, even mini markets.  For me, this is my first time trying this product. I am actually familiar with Mentholatum products like Lip Ice (used to wear it during my high school time), but Lip on Lip? Well, this is new. I got this from my previous beauty class, which I posted here.


The packaging is sleek and simple. It comes in a slim, white packaging with silver logo on it. This packaging comes in handy since it's slimmer than common lip products. But, for careless person like me, this kind of packaging will make me lose this product more easily -_- 

This product contains Mineral oil, which rarely causes allergies or irritations and is considered to be one of the best moisturizing ingredients available. It creates a protective barrier on the skin that binds moisture in and prevents water loss, keeping skin hydrated. In addition, it has effective wound healing properties. Then, it also contains Meadowfoam seed oil, which helps other skin care or cosmetic ingredients adhere to the skin.  Being highly stable, meadowfoam will stabilize more delicate ingredients, extending the shelf life of skin care and cosmetic formulations.  Meadowfoam plays a supporting role so that other nutrients can shine. Other ingredient is Carnauba wax which comes from the leaves of the carnauba palm, a plant that grows in northeastern Brazil. In hot, dry weather, the palm secretes wax to protect its leaves from damage. To collect the wax, the leaves are dried and then beaten to dislodge the yellowish to brown waxy coating, which usually flakes off. The wax is refined and bleached before it's used. It's a hard substance, so it's used to make durable coatings for floors and cars. It's also used in polishes, varnishes, and beauty products like mascara, deodorant, and lipstick. This ingredient will make this product stays longer on your lips. 

The texture is creamy, but it feels sticky both on my hand and my lips. It's moisturizing my lips, but it feels heavy. The scent is nice, though. I kinda like the scent, it's soft. 

here are the swatches of Lip on Lip in Carnation Pink, both on hand and lips:

swatch on hand

Bare Lips

Applied Lightly

Applied Heavily

As you can see, the color is cute. It's a soft pink with shimmers. Actually, I happened to hate glittery lips. So, uh, I have to say that I don't really like this product. Maybe those who loves shimmering effect on their lips will definitely love this shade. But, I love the color, if only it comes without any shimmer...

  • Slim, handy packaging
  • It moisturizes my lips
  • Nice, soft pink color
  • Affordable price (Around Rp 32.000,00 or $ 3.2)

  • It feels heavy on my lips
  • Shimmering effect

I can say that this lip product is a good product. Lip on Lip also available in five color shades, so if you don't like this shade that I reviewed on, you can try on your luck for others. It moisturizes my lips well, but feels heavy on the other side. For an affordable price, this lip product is decent. And of course, perfect for those who loves shimmering effect on their lips.

7 komentar:

  1. i dont like shimmering lips too.. :O

  2. yah, kirain semacam lip balm berwarna gt, ini satu brand sama lip ice kan ya.. ga suka glitter.. aku punya satu sih, dapet dari kuis, yg Scarlet Peach, warnanya coral, tapi belum aku coba pakai..
    thanks for the review sis.. :)

    dollowing you back..

  3. nice review :)
    visit and folback my blog yah

  4. aku punya yang orange! hehehe shimmery abis, tapi warnanya cantik


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