Kamis, 04 Oktober 2012

MuiMiu's Giveaway: Ga In's Irreversible Inspired Look

Hi! I'm doing this makeup and post because I'm joining Muimiu's Giveaway for TWO TICKETS of Big Bang Alive World Tour Concert Jakarta that will be held on Oct 13, 2012 at Mata Elang International Stadium for FREE! 

So, I was so confused about which makeup inspired that I would do for this giveaway. Hehe, I'm still a newbie so I am not really confident. So, I browsed A LOT, and finally I chose to pick Ga-In's look in her solo MV; Irreversible.

 Do you guys know Ga-In? Well, for those who have deep knowledge about K-Pop, you must be familiar with her. She's part of a Korean girlband named Brown Eyed Girls with Narsha, JeA, and Miryo. They're mostly known for their single "Abracadabra". 

I found this look so interesting. Hehe. The sharp blue line is really eye-catchy. Besides, it kinda reminded me of TOP latest blue hair. Awwww, so charming yet edgy! Moreover, I also love "Blue" song from Big Bang. Wow. It's so coincidental. So, I decided to do this look for Muimiu's give away. TOP oppa, please pray for me! >.<

*fingers crossed*

So this is how it turned out to be!

 As you can see, my version for this Irreversible is a little bit different from the original one. Well, forgive my amateur skill of makeup, but I also intentionally make it different (this is not an excuse, I swear! :p). 
Well, you can tell that my eyes' shape is really different from Ga-In's. Mine are big, round eyes, while Ga-In's are mono lid and small. 

So, for the sake of the difference, and also because I prefer winged-eye, I decided that I would do this look in my own version.

Actually, I created the blue line by using metallic blue eye-shadow  not eyeliner. This was because I don't have any eyeliner beside black. Hehe. I just dab the applicator with water then dab it to the eye-shadow then put it little by little on my eye lid.

Here are products used for this look:
  1. Revlon Photoready Color Correcting Primer
  2. Revlon Photoready Airbrush Mousse Makeup
  3. Etude House Proof10 Eye-shadow Primer
  4. Aubeau Liquid Eyeliner
  5. Amuse Blockbuster Collection Palette (blue metallic and white used)
  6. Viva Eyebrow Pencil in brown

So, how do you think? :D 

8 komentar:

  1. I like the original version better. I guess it's because i like sharp n vibrant color. I wish u the best of luck. I don't know this band n never heard of them but i am sure they r great n fun :)

    1. Hehe, thank you so much! Hehe, hope to get a lot of make-up advice from you since I'm still beginner in make-up.. Yours are great anyway! ^_^

  2. quite experimental ^-^ but it looks fun to recreate that look. i simply love ga-in >.< she's such a cutie. her new video is so super hot and sexy.

    btw followed ya :D hope you'll follow back ;)


    1. thank youuu!!

      waaa! you saw it too! her video is somehow... too racy. hahaha. but I love her look in her latest MV! so cute with pink falsies! >.<

      I already followed you back yaaa ^_^

  3. Bagus tia ^_^
    Suka, brave combination,..


    1. makasih tamiii ^_^ hehe, followed yours back yaa

  4. whoa, ga in's make up always look cool and so brave! haha... I'd never dare to wear such an obvious one. but it looks great nevertheless ^^

    1. yep right! hehe, me too actually. when I done this look my friends gave me that weird stares and they told me that I look like a ladyboy T_______T

      thank you for visiting my blog, Lina! >___<


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