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COW BRAND is Finally in Indonesia!

100 Year’s Old Japanese Quality Skin Product is Finally in Indonesia!

Leading soap manufacturers in Japan, Cow Brand on 02/04/2013 held a press gathering to introduce their products to the people of Indonesia. And I was so lucky to be invited there! Cow Brand Soap is a manufacturer of premium quality that has stood since 1909 in Japan. The event was attended by Mr. Yoshiyuki Miyazaki, Managing Director Kyoshinsha Cow Brand Soap Co.. Ltd. which is a fifth generation leaders Cow Style.

Cow Brand Soap heritage is a signature product that has two flagship products, namely the Cow Brand Red Box and Blue Box. Both of these products is the market leader in the Japanese society for a bar soap. Previous Cow Brand has a presence in Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Russia, China, Malaysia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Korea and USA.


In Indonesia, Cow Brand comes through PT Lifestyle International, which has been established since 2011 and became sole authorized distributor of Cow Brand in Indonesia. Cow Brand enter Indonesia as they see the market share in Indonesia, which is mainly dominated by the younger generation. "We see the phenomenon in Indonesia in which the middle class continues to grow, but not followed by any beauty products that match the quality of their class," said Mario Gandha, Director of Lifestyle International.

For more than a century, has been known as Cow Brand beauty products that put quality at a reasonable price. Although originating from Japan, Cow Brand is also suitable for the tropical and sub-tropical climates such as in Indonesia. This is evident from the receipt of this product in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Interestingly, this Brand Cow processed through saponification (Soap Cattle), which takes the workmanship about a week with a greater cost than conventional methods. This is different from most other products that use palm oil with a staple method of neutralization is the process only takes 30 minutes and at a cheaper cost. But Cow Brand still use staples wagyu beef oil and saponification process because more priority to quality rather than quantity. The advantage of using the saponification process is a more natural process produces glycerin in soap.

Throughout 2010-2011, Cow Brand Soap products has been the number one selling product in Japan, with sales reaching USD 228 million.

In Indonesia, Brand Cow comes with six products. First, Cow Brand Beauty Soap is a soap bar. This product consists of two variants. This product consists of two variants of the Red Box and Blue Box. In Japan, the two products is always number one.

Second, Milky Soap which is a liquid soap. This product has six variants, namely the Milky Body Soap, Mild Soap, Citrus Soap, Floral Relax and Happy Fruits.

The third, which is a beauty soap Bouncia. This product is also the number one most popular product in Japan by Independent Ranking Site. Bouncia is a liquid soap that has a high viscosity. This soap is also not sticky and also gives a fresh effect on the body.

Fourth, Skin Life which is the acne facial care product (acne removal).

Fifth, Shizen Gokochi Series, which is a premium facial products. This product has two variants, namely natural green tea extract, natural hyalluronic acid, natural collagen, natural jooba althea oil and natural essence. In just two years (2009-2011), Shizen Gokochi has sold two million pieces.

Sixth, Kewpie baby series, is the product of baby soap, suitable for babies aged 0-3 years. Moreover, Kewpie baby series is also suitable for adults with sensitive skin.

In Indonesia, Cow Brand products are sold in chain stores such as: Guardian (National), Grand Lucky (Jakarta), Papaya Fresh Market (Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung and Bali), Yogya-Mart (Bandung).

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  1. waaaahh aku udah liat produknya loh di guardian >.< ripiu ka ripuu!!

  2. samaaa melsss minggu kemaren dari kampus ke CL liat di guardian >.<

  3. I've never heard of this brand before.

    1. me too! but in fact this brand is DAMN POPULAR in Japan!

  4. Balasan
    1. kalo setau aku yang body wash nya mulai 80k - 200k di olshop

  5. klo murah kayanya pantas dicobaaa
    pengennn >_<

    1. kmrn liat di guardian yg skin life kayaknya mulai dari 25ribuan deh :p

  6. uda nongol di indo toh ternyata, biasanya harus tunggu PO dulu baru bisa beli, bahagia nya diriku, hiks hiks ;^;
    segera meluncur ke TKP ^^


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