Jumat, 31 Mei 2013

Introducing: Kawaii Beauty Japan

Hello there pretties! What comes to your mind when you hear the word "Japan"?




As for me, I remember the beautiful skin!

the beautiful Mao Inoue

I always wonder why Japanese women have such a very beautiful skin.

Of course, us, Indonesian have our own definition of beauty, but I can’t help but left with envy by looking at those milky-white, fair, smooth skin! But how?

And then I discover this amazing thing. No need to fly away to Japan just to know the beauty secrets of Japanese beauty, it’s all right at your fingertips; Kawaii Beauty Japan!

What is Kawaii Beauty Japan exactly?

So, Kawaii Beauty Japan is kinda like a one-stop-information about Japanese beauty. Boring? No! Besides beauty, Kawaii Beauty Japan also provides additional information (still linked to beauty!) like Japanese culture, fashion, and food as well.

Basically, Kawaii Beauty Japan is composed of three main concept. First, Skin. Why is it first? Because they believe that the most important thing in beauty is all about skin. Well, can’t agree more, the outer appearance does represents the inside. Beautiful skin means healthy skin, is that right, people? Consequently, Kawaii Beauty Japan wants to share about skin care, cosmetics, and health care to everyone!

What’s the second then? Next  is: Heart. In general, Japanese people are kind, helpful, patient, honest, and hard-working. Guess, where’s the beauty came from? Yes, from heart. Kawaii Beauty Japan believes that beauty comes not only from the outer appearance, but also from the inside. That’s why Kawaii Beauty Japan would also like to introduce many kinds of Japanese stuff which can make people feel more relaxed and joyful. Sounds really nice, isn’t it?

Last, but of course, not least is Body. Why oh why? Because the basis for maintaining the beauty is the diet! Well, diet doesn’t always mean that you should limit your calories intake. It’s more about how you choose the right amount, food, and time.

Up until now, there are more than 200,000 fans on Kawaii Beauty Japan Facebook Page. What are you waiting for? Go log in to your Facebook and press “Like” button on Kawaii Beauty Japan and be prepare for tons of useful information about Japanese beauty! LOL. I already a fan, FYI. And, for those tweeters, you can follow Kawaii Beauty Japan on twitter by clicking here: @KawaiiBeautyJP.

In the future, there will be more and more interesting things on Kawaii Beauty Japan! Who knows you can get those Japanese beauty products for free? LOL. So, go and like it NOW! :D

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  1. love all about japanese too, they're lovely specially the fashion and beauty *IT'S SO CUTE, I'M GONNA DIE !! (like agnes lol)
    thx for sharing, i'm liking them now
    hope can get many information^^

    1. Yeah, I'm starting to move slowly from Korean to Japanese LOL

      Hahaha, thank youuu!

  2. FOOODDDD~ ugh the sushi's picture looks so delicious XD~~


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