Rabu, 22 Mei 2013

Hair Makeover by MAKARIZO TM

Hello Hello!

I'd like to share to you all my first hair makeover ever done by MAKARIZO TM!

So, few weeks ago, I got this hair makeover along with other Beauty Blog Competition finalists at Lutuye Salon.
Curious how? Read below!
So, I have to have a pre-makeover photoshoot and be an amateur model! >_<

They took a lot of pictures, from full body to close up, and so on.

amateur in action woopsie!

and.. smile!

this is my favorite

side A

side B

Okay, after done with the pre photoshoot, let's go on to the hair makeover process!

After a few discussion with the stylist and Makarizo team, I went with ombre hair (specifically dip-dye one) with red gradation.

Because my hair never went under any chemical process, so in order to get the color right, I have to bleach 'em.

bleaching process
It was my first time and I have to say that it was horrible (also because I was on my period at that time, though it was the last day). I felt the nausea and dizzy, but luckily it was mild.

And here it is, after the bleaching.

Everyone else in the room thought that the makeover was done because yeah, well, um.. It seemed so. Actually the stylist told me that my hair is very thick and dense, so this is the maximum result after bleaching. 

After a few minutes, finally I get my hair colored.

the mix for  upper hair
More pictures spam!!!

I forgot the color tone already, but all that I remember is the name of the color tone. From the top it's Burgundy and the middle to end it's Rose.

mix for end

And let me take you for a small tour of others who had their makeover that day too!

Yessy from Sweet and Sour

Nita from nitartstudio

Neni from Neni Diyanti
And here's the result!

I'm not saying that I'm not shocked with this significant transformation. Yes, I've seen those rolling eyes or noisy mouth whispering about my hair. To be honest, I love it. Very much. But, yes, I have to admit that it's not for daily look. 

So, I toned it down 2 weeks after and now it's more like copper blonde. LOL.

And I'm thinking of changing my hair color again, calmer one. But strictly no black or dark brown hair because it's just PLAIN BOOORING.

Here is another picture spam!

Till then, see you!

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  1. wah >.< it kinda looks weird when you wears red like that XD why don't dye it red full ?? or make a red gradation :D I think it would looks sweet and cute :D.


    1. actually it's red gradation, but the color on the top has not come out yet, lol. :p

  2. nice hair style ;D

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  3. you look gorgeous with you red hair :)

    don't forget to visit and follow my blog too^^


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