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Rojukiss ENCA AC Control BB Cream

Girls, I'm back with another review of products from WISHTREND! This time it's ENCA AC Control BB Cream. I am sooo excited since I have this acne-prone skin, thus this product is like a savior for me and my face!

The description from the box:
ENCA AC Control BB Cream is a tri-functional cream

solving at a time all the agony of whitening,wrinkle care and

sun screening which sensitive skin inevitably brings up.
box (front)

It has whitening effect, wrinkle functionality, and sun protection with SPF 30!


This BB Cream claims to has light texture, hydrating function, medium to heavy coverage, and skin soothing effect.


The top ingredients are water, cyclopentasiloxane, and titanium dioxide.

As for cyclopentasiloxane, many people have experienced break out after using product containing this. So, if you are sensitive to silicones, it's better to steer clear of this BB Cream. Fortunately, I'm having no problem using this product for almost 1.5 month. So, your choice!

box (back)

expiry date


The packaging is simple, but it's nice. With white, tube packaging. I have no problem with this kind of packaging,  but still prefer airless pump packaging because it gives less hassle and more hygienic.

packaging  (closer look)

packaging (back)
It has this twist cap. I find this kind of packaging a bit old-school since I am used to flip top cap. Sometimes it leaks off due to my carelessness. :s


I've been using this BB Cream for around 4-6 weeks and I love it! Though the coverage is not as good as Rojukiss Spot Light BB Cream, but I love how natural it is on my face. Gladly, the shade suits my skin really well, not too yellowish nor pinkish.

Moreover, this BB Cream has a kinda runny texture, making easy for me to blend it. The coverage is medium to heavy, depends on how many layers you put on your  face. I usually use my hand to get natural, sheer look for daily usage. While I will use sponge to build medium coverage and two-layer for heavy coverage.

As expected from acne control product, this BB Cream has an amazing oil control function. I wear this for all day (more than 8 hours), and still stay with only T-zone get little oily.

(left) right after application (right) 6 hours after
I have combination skin, with T-zone being oily and U-zone being dry. And what's so great is that I find no problem  at all using this BB Cream both on my T and U-zone. Usually, in order to get same result, the treatment has to be different. I usually find it hard to blend BB cream on my U-zone, but not with this BB Cream.

blend, blend!

end result

Overall, I love this BB Cream and still use it for my daily activities. However, I don't see any significant improvement in my acne problem. Yes, I have to admit that it doesn't break me out, nor it causes more acne. But, it doesn't help to cure them either.

As for being make up, I just love the result. It gives me natural look but with medium to heavy coverage. It does cover up my dark circle and dark spots too.  Yippie!

So, if you're interested in trying this product, you can find it on WISHTREND

See you on next review!

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  1. pengennya sih coba si BB Cream ini tapi shadenya kayaknya terlalu putih deh di aku, sama agak grey ya kak?


    1. Iya, shadenya putih emang bal, cuma dia ngikutin warna kulit lah beberapa menit kemudian..

      Liat shadenya mungkin agay grey, tapi di aku nggak :p



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