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Jakarta Little Tokyo (Ennichisai) and Rachel K CC Cream Giveaway [Indonesia Only!]

Hello everyone! I wish you a Happy Vesak day! May this Vesak brings you peace and happiness, especially for those who celebrate it! 

Actually I planned to visit Borobudur temple this Vesak because I would love to see the Lantern Festival on the night of Vesak. But, I ran out of the ticket (train) and I can't find reasonable price for going there by car (after all, I'm jobless). So the plan was cancelled! I was going to die out of boredom because it's weekend. Fortunately enough, one of my friend told me that there's this festival called Ennichisai 2013. 

Ennichisai is an annual Japanese art and culinary festival held in Melawai (or called Little Tokyo), Blok M, Jakarta. The two-day festival will take place on May 25 and 26 and attracts up to 200,000 visitors each tear and has been chosen as one of Jakarta's tourism agenda.

So, I decided to go! And here's how I look that day!

I'm trying for thick brows this time!
Products that I used:

  • Rachel K CC Cream in Neutral
  • Belif Awesome Sun Powder SPF 50+ PA+++
  • Face on Face Blush On in Blooming Rose
  • Etude House Easy Brow Pencil #1
  • NYX The Curve Eyeliner
  • Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara
  • Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow Duo in Khakis
  • Tony Moly Tint in Cherry Pink
  • NYX Matte Lipstick in Shocking Pink
  • Estee Lauder Pure Color in C5 Wild Orchid

Let's go to  Ennichisai 2013!

the crowd
I came around 2.30 PM and that was the crowd at the entrance of the festival! Soooooo full of people! I came with a friend; Jennifer. So, after that we just followed the crowd and get into the festival.

the Mikoshi
While waiting for the line to get into the festival, on my right side was the Mikoshi Dashi. Don't know much about it since I'm a first-timer! More picture spam!

these two funny cosplayers are so funny, can't help to take pic together
And here are the pictures during Mikoshi Parade (Mikoshi kids) at 3-4 PM and Mikoshi Parade at 5.30-6 PM.

And here's my  picture together with my friends that day!~

Jenni, Me, and Safitri
Actually I met few friends there, including college friends and blogger! Yep, met Ci Mei from PygmallionLand. Poor me, forget to snap a picture together. :(

The booths are all very interesting, there's this doraemon booth and it sells Doraemon drinks! Haha, almost ended up buying Doraemon shirt but the quality is not so good, so no!
Doraemon everywhere!
I also visit a booth named TOKYO BEAUTY here, so everyone was encouraged to fill in the survey about our beauty regime and each participant can choose his/her prize for it! I choose this beauty mask anyway.

courtesy of Richfield Edbert

And at the end of the survey, TOKYO BEAUTY offer us to be involved further by subscribing to them, and after that they gave us this basal thermometer! Wow, it's new for me, to take my own temperature for the sake of beauty. 

And since I have swollen eyes (I don't know why) that day, and realizing that I ran out of my eye drops, I ended up buying this at Rohto (Skin Aqua and Hada Labo too) booth.

I also ate Yakitori and enjoy 3 bottles of Free Calpico (yes free, unlimited!) that day. Me and my friends originally wanted to buy Takoyaki, but we forget. -_-

And here's another camwhoring pics from us!

That's all about Ennichisai 2013, and do you notice that I used Rachel K CC Cream that day? Well, I just got it from RUIE. They kindly sent me two Rachel K CC Cream; Original and Neutral shades. I was using the Neutral shade during Ennichisai 2013. So far, I love both of the shades and will review it after few days!

Well, good news is, YOU CAN GET YOUR OWN RACHEL K CC CREAM FOR FREE! RUIE and me hold a giveaway for 2 winners in Indonesia starting from now! There will be 2 winners chosen, one will be randomly picked and another one will be picked based on quality of answers!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


43 komentar:

  1. hi, thank you udh ngadain giveawy rachel k cc cream
    i'm dying to try this one
    i want the "neutral" cc cream as my prize if i win this giveaway

    Thank you ^_^

  2. thank Tia for holding this lovely giveaway!!
    aku nunggu dari kemarin lol
    original aja deh, karena neutral dan original sama2 bisa masuk dikulit..
    I hope can win!! <3

  3. I want the neutral one :)
    Thanks for the giveaway! I always want to try this cc cream since I heard so many good reviews about it :)

  4. Wahhh, semoga bisa menang dan bisa coba CC Cream ini.
    Aku pilih Original ^_^
    Thanks untuk giveawaynya ya ^_^

  5. Thanks for the awesome giveaway kak ^^,
    aku pilih yang neutral :)
    semoga menang deh ^^ amin


  6. neutral shade, kulitku yellow undertone :)
    wish me luck :)
    makasih giveawaynya^^

  7. Thanks for held this giveaway
    aku pingin nyoba yg cocok buat warm undertone, yang neutral
    wish me luck :)

  8. thanks for awesome giveaway!
    i want neutral as my prize :)


  9. original :D

    Invite you to enter my giveaways :D
    Luch Luch Craft OASAP Giveaway Click here :)
    Hope you will join :)
    visit my blog ^^

  10. Neutral one, please :)
    Thanks for the giveaway <33~~

  11. aku pilih neutral ^_^
    makasih udah bikin giveaway ini :D

  12. neutral please :)
    but i'm not a picker

  13. I want neutral one please, I really hope I'll win :D


  14. Neutral please~ :p
    Thank you Tia and RUIE~ :3
    Good luck everybody :* :*

  15. aku pilih neutral shades. btw, makasih udah ngadain giveaway ini. semoga aku bisa jadi salah satu yang beruntung buat dapetin CC cream nya jadi bisa coba pake deh :D

    bunga wijayanti

  16. neutral please <3
    thanks for giveaway!

  17. hai tia, ikutan lagi ya :p
    sebenernya undertone ku pink, tapi kalo yang original terlalu terang, jadi aku pilih yang neutral aja :D
    makasih giveaway nya yaa

  18. neutral aja deh.. hehehe, berharap banget bisa menang #pray

    thanks for your amazing giveaway^^

  19. thank you kak buat adain giveaway ini^^
    kalau aku sih gak milih-milih, karena dua-duanya mungkin masuk warna kulitku :)
    aku pilih original :)
    thank you^^

    semoga menang :)

  20. aku pilih Neutral karena aku pernah baca kalau oil controlnya lebih bagus daripada yang original :)
    Thank you~

  21. Neutral one please!
    Wish me luck


  22. i choose neutral if i win.. thanks btw :)

  23. Thank you for the giveaway <3
    I choose original if I win this giveaway.

    Btw, I also came to ennichisai and I really enjoy the event.
    Too bad I don't notice there's TOKYO BEAUTY, it seems the mask are great! hahaha xD

  24. Ikutan ya Sista
    Mau pilih yang netral aja...

  25. Hi, it's a very fun festival, so lucky you live at Jkt
    The sailormoon really so funny ! lol
    love to join those kind of festivals too, but it's very rare to find it here sadly * pls grow up semarang >__<
    Btw what is the basal thermometer function? first time to hear thermometer for makeup purpose here
    *ps : sorry if make you annoyed, just really curious bout that (newbie makeup here hehe). My major is food technology, and something like this really interesting for me haha XD

    Thx for this lovely giveaway too
    really curious to know about CC cream, and you're holding this now. Moreover, from Rachel K ! \(´▽`)/
    It's so cool, read many great post review about it
    Ingredients contain Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Aloe, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, and another great ingredients that good for skin. It sounds ( and prove by many beauty bloggers reviews) it will help a lot to provide nutrition to our skin ^ ^

    I want to try neutral one since my skin tone is yellow based, so i think pink based (original) will not suitable for my skin tone. Picked neutral because the colour is also similar with my Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream #W13 that i usually use, so will match my skin tone well i believe
    Moreover i have combination skin type (oily at T-zone) and it has good oil control even for very oily skin ( Indonesia is really hot, so it will just match with that ability, hope will make it long lasting on face then : D)

    Hopefully can be picked as 1 of the winners, will review it later on my blog then.

    Nice to know you, and succes forever

  26. (^_^)/ Sistaaa,,,aku join giveawaynya yach
    pengeeeeeen bgt dech nyobain CC krim yang netral <3

  27. wah memang enak yang tinggal di jakarta, karna banyak event bertebaran, banyak hal menarik yang bisa kita ikuti dan ketemu banyak orang dan mambah pengalaman. Baru tau tentang CC Cream ini, aku pernah baca di salah satu web site kecantikan, memang setelah BB cream bakal ada CC cream kemudian DD cream, dan katanya CC cream lebih bagus hasilnya daripada BB cream, pengen banget nyoba in nih,,hope me one of them, and i love neutral one. thanks to this beautiful giveaway xoxo

  28. thanks for the giveaway! :)
    i would love to try the neutral.

  29. Sebenernya kalau udah bisa menang aja udah bersyukur lol
    tapi kalau disuruh memilih aku pilih yang neutral ^^

  30. Join yaa... Mudah2an menang nihh.. >.<
    Excited bgt pengen nyobain.. Makasi giveaway nya..
    Aku pilih yg shade original.

  31. I want the neutral shade.

    thanks for the giveaway anyway :)

  32. Thank you for the giveaway, kak Tia :D

    I want the original shade.

    By the way kak Tia, huahahaha. Aku harus bikin account youtube & klout demi ikut giveaway ini loch! Huahahahaha.. Pewhhh~ Akhirnya yahh xD

  33. what a great giveaway! :) I choose the neutral one.
    Sukses terus ya kak!

  34. ikutan yah
    pilih neutral :)

  35. i'm choose original cause i love that dewy glowy look ;)


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