Senin, 15 Juli 2013

Biotherm: The Perfect Match For Your Skin

I've been focusing more on skin care rather than makeup lately. I am really, really concerned over skin care since I done several skin check on few beauty events. And you know what, I get scared over the result since I have older skin age than my real age T_T

Though the difference and condition was not that bad, I am just want to be preventive. So, if you pay attention to my blog posts, I post more about skin care rather than makeup. Now you know. ;)

So, to be honest, I always love Carnellin's skin. Despite of being a mom of a cute little girl, I think she has better skin than mine (*slap myself on the face*). I often meet her in person and I can guarantee that her flawless skin is real. Her photos on her blog and real her, no difference! Well, not to criticize those who use photo editing software though. 

And I would love to share a good news to you all, that Carnellin collaborate together with Biotherm on a beauty event named "Find the Perfect Match for Your Skin." 

So, every beautiful skin, even Carnellin's doesn't come in a night or without any effort. So, Biotherm wants to help you finding right skin care for your skin! Beautiful skin equals a healthy skin, thus you should achieve that healthy skin with right method, treatment, products or skin care. Biotherm has wide varieties of skin care for everyone. Aquasource is one of the famous lines which definitely will fulfill your skin's thirst (I used it several times back then). How about the oily ones? Well, Biotherm got Pure-fect line to help you control that oil! Men's line? They got it too! I bought one for my dad back then and he loves it!

You can find your perfect match with Biotherm's help by joining this event and all you have to do is to pay Rp 150.000,- for the invitation. What  are the benefits? You can get the complimentary services consist of Facial, Skin Check + Consultation, Welcome Gift, and Door Prize!

And here's the sample of the welcome gift:

See, worth the price right? Moreover, the invitation can also act as voucher for purchase only that day, wow! *drooling* So go RSVP now by emailing to ^_^

I really want to come since I tried Biotherm products before and I just love the hospitality of them. As you know, in Indonesia, we often get rude treatment from beauty advisers in the sales counter (especially because I'm just a young lady, they might think that I'm not going to purchase, my suspection), but not with Biotherm. I even remember one of the beauty advisers; Mas Dodo because he was so kind and friendly though I just look around and did no purchase. And that's also the reason why I came back to purchase after trying out the samples given to me.

Moreover, Biotherm is also generous in terms of giving beauty samples. Judging from my experiences, they never gave me only one sample for one product, I usually get 3-7 samples per product!

Beside those reasons, I also want to perform another skin check as I believe that my skin condition changed a lot due to the lifestyle and environment (water, air pollution).

Biotherm product that attracts me the most is the Aquasource BB Cream!
I am crazy over this product and I really excited to try more Western BB cream since I always try Asian ones.

More good news?
Yes! 5 selected bloggers can enjoy this event including all of the benefits and services provided (goodie bag + voucher too!) by blogging about this event. And I'm doing it right now *woohoo*

You can also improve your chance for the free invitation by sharing as many as possible and give your reasons why Biotherm is a brand of skin care you really want to try, why you want to come, and which product attracts your eyes the most.

I hope I can win the free invitation ^_^ *fingers crossed*

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