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Kérastase & LANCÔME Super Serum Duo Pampering Day

Hello everyone! If you're reading my blog then I bet that you've noticed that I have written some posts regarding stem cells. Two brands mentioned are Kérastase & LANCÔME. Yes, so on July 27, 2013, I was invited to Kérastase & LANCÔME Super Serum Duo Pampering Day at IRWANTEAM Hair Design in Central Park mall along with other 6 beauty bloggers. ^_^

They also launched each brand's latest products; Kérastase Initialiste and LANCÔME Advanced Genefique. 

It's really nice to meet some bloggers after a while! Hehe, there I met kak Hanna, Ci Meilani, Ci Carnellin, Kak Ichil, Rini, and Shinta. 

When I arrived, each seat has tablet on it.

So, before they start with the main event, they announced two winners of preview competition (I have 3 posts about it: 1, 2, 3).

And I am one of the winners! Gosh, I'm just lucky these days. :)

taken from Carnellin's blog

I got two hampers, from Kérastase & LANCÔME! :D

So, after that, each brand presented us the introduction about their products and details.

First is LANCÔME. So, they have new product, an upgrade of Genefique, named Advanced Genefique.

managers from Kérastase & LANCÔME talked

The beautiful lady above is explaining about the technology inside Advanced Genefique. I really love how they arrange and plan the whole event. Very sophisticated (well, each of us got tablet to proceed with the whole presentation), aligned with products' concept. I feel appreciated, like we're specials.

LANCÔME Advanced Genefique (packaging)
So, each of us can take a closer look at the Advanced Genefique and also feel the texture. I really love the glass packaging, though it's more vulnerable but it does the work to make it look luxurious. Not to forget about the addition of rose logo on the cap, beautiful! Moreover, the dropper is new too, it's automatically set for one usage, so no more too-much or too-less. Clever!

LANCÔME Advanced Genefique (first impression)
The texture is more liquid compared to the previous Genefique. It's runny and didn't feel sticky at all. Very fast absorbency. Leaves my skin with moisture but didn't look oily.

And this lady is explaining about Kérastase Initialiste; a super serum for hair!

Initialiste texture
For Initialiste, it has a really nice scent. Soothing yet sweet. The texture is very liquid, with hint of white fluid. Absorbed fast too.

After brief presentation, we were given Face ritual and makeup and Hair ritual by each brand presented. 


Started with cleansing and skin care regime!

This is my face when I came (only CC Cream though)

so relaxing~
Then this is my (ugly) bare face after the whole cleansing.

products used :)
I fell in love with this! The applicator+massaging dropper is cool!
After the application of Advanced Genefique, they used this device called Genefique Probe Machine to help better absorbance

After look :)


Washing my hair  first with these two shampoo and conditioner chosen  based on hair check using special device. They said my hair scalp is oily but ends are super dry, almost with no life. *_*

After washing, I was treated with these two products: Star of that day; Kérastase  Initialiste for scalp and Ciment Thermique for hair.

They used around 3-4 drops for my hair. Feel sooo refreshed afterwards.
Continued with blow dry!

And here's the final result of both makeover and hair makeover.

pic with Kak Hanna :)

Thank you Kérastase & LANCÔME for SUPERB Pampering Day! Got skin and hair care + makeup and hair styling. Wow, can't thank more.

Not to forget the goodies, since I got both Initialiste and Advanced Genefique! Will do the review soon!

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