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Etude House Healthy Face Movement Bloggers Gathering

I was invited by Etude House Indonesia to attend Etude House Healthy Face Movement Bloggers Gathering  on June 22nd 2013.

Let me explain to you first about what is "Healthy Face Movement"!

Etude House launched this program in order to show that they care about health of women's face. This program is aimed to educate Indonesian women to take a very good care of their skin by doing '3ME' which are cleansing the face with skin care, applying moisturizer or BB cream and cleansing the face again after done with their activities.

This campaign is held through video competition with testimonials of '3ME' activities and Daily Make Up Look.

You can learn more by visiting this: /

So, now, I'd like to talk about the make up demo and challenge! *wink*

So, the cute girl in black is a Korean Make Up Artist named Michin (sorry I forget :[ ).

At first, they are talking about what is Healthy Face Movement (like I said previously) and did a make up demo to a model. It's sparkling sweet look if I'm not mistaken.

The MUA, while doing the makeup, also shared some makeup tips and trick to us, like shading, straight eye brow and natural look.

And here's the final result:

And after that, it's time for beauty bloggers make up challenge! We were asked to recreate the sparkling sweet look to ourselves in 30 minutes! Yep, at first I was like o_0, 30 minutes?? Like really? But, yeah, challenge accepted!

So, on my table, there are (cuteeee!)  mirror along with cotton bud and pads. Not to forget the make up products provided in the basket.

I'm not surprised that we are given testers. But what turned me off is the condition of the testers. Some are broken, fallout, even almost ran out of its content. So, please Etude House Indonesia, treat beauty bloggers better next time ^_^

But we are kindly given Etude House's latest products: CC Cream and Cotton Fit BB  Cream (hooray!).

So, we have to use it too! And since we only  given 30 minutes, I couldn't give you any picture during the look creation. Just the before and after. Sorry!

Because we were told to come without any make up, above is my face covered only with Rachel K CC Cream in Neutral, nothing else. And lip balm. That's it.

And this is my face after cleansing and toning:

I only used Etude House products as follow:
-Etude House CC Cream in #2 Glow
-Etude House BB Cream Cotton Fit W13
-Etude House Bright Fit Pressed Powder (forget the shade)
-Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher #3 Raspberry Tart
-Etude House Drawing Eyebrow #1 Dark Brown
-Etude House Proof10 Eyeliner Dark Brown
-Etude House Look at My Eyes shadows (BE101, PP501, BR403)
-Etude House Code B Mascara
-Etude House Styling Eyeliner White
-Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips PK002
-Etude House Lucidarling Fantastic Rouge Gloss no. 2 Orange Punch

with flash


To make  it clear, here's the comparison, LOL.
Complexion looking brighter and fresher, the dark circle is covered (no concealer though).


And in the end, I was surprised that I won! Hahaha! *happy happy*

So, they choose 2 best make ups, one is me and another one is Shella from Polishwonderland

As for me, they chose me because I use shimmer/ glitter eyeshadow, making it suitable for sparkling sweet look. Then, I also did the straight korean eyebrow and shading (because she said most of the bloggers forget about it)!

Got hampers for being the winner. And here's inside my goodie bag+hampers.

I was also soo happy to meet my fellow beauty bloggers, both new or some friends. ^_^

Thank you Etude House Indonesia! Hope that I can review the products soooooon!

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