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Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream Launching with Beauty Bloggers

Last week, I was invited to Garnier's Miracle Skin Perfector All-in-1 Perfecting Cream at L'oreal's office in Kuningan.

I was rushed there after meeting my brother, it was raining sooo hard, so in the end I ended up coming very late :[

Just a quick info about  Garnier girls. So Garnier Indonesia has welcomed its new family; the beautiful Pevita Pearce as new brand ambassador for BB cream! Honestly, I think that Garnier Indonesia has picked the right girl, hihi. 

When I came, all the bloggers were already busy with towels and basin, yes, we were asked to wash our face with Garnier Multi-Action Brightening Foam.

So here's my face after cleansing:

Soon after we're all done with the cleansing, the representative from Garnier Indonesia performed a demo of how to use this BB cream. The model is Rini~

It is advised by Garnier to apply this BB Cream very lightly as it also acts as moisturizer and used before the compact powder. So make sure to apply it lightly, girls.

courtesy of Garnier Indonesia
courtesy of Garnier Indonesia

And here's the final result:

It has very natural finish (only if you applied it lightly). And it has matte finish,  rather than dewy. Usually I tend to dislike matte finish, but this BB Cream has such natural finish and feels lightweight, so I forget about my personal preference hahaha.

Here's for clearer comparison: 

For a BB Cream, I can say that the size is small, it's only 18ml. But the price is really, really affordable too. It's only Rp 16.500 until August 31, and if I'm not mistaken the normal price will be around Rp 19.000.
Cheap, eh? :)

The packaging is a tube packaging, no seal though, so be careful that it might be spilled.

Let's take a look of the texture closer. The texture is more into liquid rather than creamy. It's very runny. It has yellowish shade, unlike any other (especially Korean) BB Cream which has pinkish shade.

Since it has yellowish tone, then this BB Cream might be the solution for those of you who has medium to dark skin tone. Yes, I saw one of the blogger wearing this at the event, and it doesn't show any signs of white-cast. Looked really natural.

 Moreover, it has Garnier's signature scent; Lemon! It smelled really fresh and soothing at the same time.

really natural

As you can see, the finish is really natural. Looks like my skin, only better!

After done with experiencing this new product from Garnier, then we are given such a nice hampers!

What's inside?

I really really love the hampers! The idea of this is really nice, the bag, the product and also beauty tools inside. Yay!

And here's me posing with Pevita and happiness hampers, hahaha.

Thank you Garnier Indonesia! :D

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