Jumat, 19 Juli 2013

Experiencing Sweet Chocolate at Johnny Andrean

Weeks ago,  I attended Johnny Andrean's event along with other beauty bloggers. Thanks to Mba Shinta, I can say I enjoyed the time being pampered there!

What is Sweet Chocolate anyway?

Sweet Chocolate is a new campaign by   Johnny Andrean  salon. Actually, they have already launched a similar campaign back then. But, since the customers feedback was so good and even demand for another one, then Johnny Andrean upgrade it and launched the improved formula for Sweet Chocolate.

They divide the event into 2 schedule, morning and afternoon. But all of the bloggers will gather together during lunch. I chose afternoon by the way.

So, we had our lunch together at Palalada restaurant.

And here's the main course that day. I am not really impressed, but hey, it's not beauty-related so ignore! LOL.

Then, we're escorted to Johnny Andrean salon to get the treatment. We were able to choose between treatment or coloring. Since I have to go back fast, I chose treatment (though I want to recolor my hair *sad*).

Surprisingly, JA has special treatment room for  Matrix. The place is really cozy with touch of green. 


this is before treatment

Biolage corner

spotted: Feggy!

So, the treatment process began with hair wash. I asked for warm water because the temperature inside the salon was BRRRRRRRRRRRR. Felt so good hahaha.

I chose Smooth and Seal Treatment along with Ci Cilla because my hair has gotten really really dry and hard to maintain because of the coloring that I've done.

Let's see!

Ci Cilla is enjoying the wash~

And this is me enjoying the wash and massage on scalp~

They were using this shampoo to smooth and control my hair frizz.

Gotta say I love the treatment room, nice interior!

After being shampooed, my hair and scalp was masked with Deep Smoothing Masque.

This masque is supposed to smooth and control frizzy hair. Hehe, ever since I colored my hair, it's hard to control the frizz. Because the hair is really dry I guess.

After a while, another rinse and my scalp was massaged again with this Deep Smoothing Serum.

Last, before the hair styling, they gave me this hair vitamin; Cera-Vital Repair which specially formulated for colored hair.

the picture is taken after styling though :p

Then I was escorted outside the treatment room in order to get hair styling. A very nice lady did a natural blow dry for my hair.


picture with Mba Gita from JA and Mba Shinta who arranged this event

with Ci Cilla
with Stella

Instax pic with Ci Cilla and Feggy ^_^

Thank you Johnny Andrean for the treatment! Feel refreshed!

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