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Bioderma Sensibio H2O

Bonjour! I'm having another review and it's a product from France; Bioderma. I was given this product for review purpose from Dermanesia; a company which imports, markets, and distributes French dermatological products in Indonesia. 

The product that I review here is Bioderma Sensibio H2O.

Sensitive skin


Sensitive skin makes its presence felt with feelings of overheating and diffuse or localised redness. It easily becomes dehydrated and the subsequent dryness contributes further to its weakness and is accompanied by feelings of tightness.
Depending on the origin, the magnitude and the stage of your cutaneous sensitivity and your specialist’s diagnosis, Sensibio proposes combinations of active ingredients with appropriate textures.

You have a:

The product comes in a clear plastic bottle packaging with shocking pink cap. I find the color combination very cute. Since it's from France, we can find French words along with English translation on the product. The size is quite big, it's 250ml product. Last longer! (cheap me shows up again, eh?)

On the back of the bottle, there is some explanation along with how to use. It's also hypoallergenic (++++), so must be safe even for sensitive skin! FYI, I don't have sensitive skin.

I love the flip-top cap, though I sometimes prefer pump packaging but the cap is really safe. I brought this product a few times already but it never spilled off. 


And in ONLY one swipe.......


I'm impressed with the performance of this makeup remover! Whoa, though it's water based (unlike any other makeup remover which contains oil and feels really oily on the skin, it does a really GOOD job in removing makeup.

The only product that is hard to be removed (but it removed by this Sensibio in the end) is Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto WATERPROOF Mascara. 

In conclusion, this makeup remover does such a good job in spite of being water-based product. It can even removes the waterproof product though it needs more effort, but it's clean. Moreover, it doesn't cause me any irritation after using it (usually I experience a little redness and irritation after cleansing my makeup with makeup remover).

What I love the most? The feeling after! Since it's a water-based product, my skin left with a really soft and smooth feeling. No more sticky feeling, no more oil left. It feels like just having water on your skin, only this water cleanse your face thoroughly (but doesn't irritate).

I don't know much about the price since it's not officially available yet in Indonesia. But, I heard some of Indonesians buy this in Singapore or Hong Kong. See? The fame is already here, so let's hope that it will be available real SOON. This is because I really love this. I tried this on my friends and mom, and ALL of them LOVE it.

I proudly say that this is my holy grail makeup remover.

Definitely will purchase this after mine has ran out.

You can visit Bioderma Indonesia facebook page here and twitter @Bioderma_ID
to get more updates about the product.

Bye and don't forget to cleanse your face after a long day!

5 komentar:

  1. Cuma buat kulit sensitif ya? Kalo berminyak gimana?
    Btw harganyaberapaan ya?


    1. Dia diutamakan untuk kulit sensitif, jadi kulit sensitif itu sendiri ada jenis-jenisnya. Kalau kamu gampang berjerawat karena faktor kebersihan air, udara, itu juga masuk kategori sensitif Mels. Sensitif itu maksudnya bereaksi berlebihan salah satunya.

      Nanti akan kucoba bahas ya ^^

      Untuk kulit berminyak sebenarny Bioderma punya range sendiri, warna hijau, namanya Sebium. Tapi kulit berminyak bisa pakai Sensibio juga kok :)

      Di Guardian sekitar 180ribuan untuk 250ml dan 110ribu untuk yg 110ml (maaf lupa ukuran, yg jelas yg paling kecil)


  2. aaah pengen jadinya kak tia! cuma sama kaya melissa, aku lebih berminyak dibanding sensiii... wanna try this one, racunnyaa nyebar banget!


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