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Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream SPF 30/ PA++

Hello lovelies~ I'm back with another review of Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream. This product was sent to me for review purpose from Lioele Indonesia.

Before I got this, actually I was already familiar with this brand as my friends keep bragging about the quality of this BB Cream. Well, I'm curious and lucky enough to try this out. Let's see!

That's the explanation from Lioele about this BB Cream. It says that it has whitening and wrinkle care protection, plus it has yogurt inside (actually I LOVE yogurt so much!). Muihihihi.

First, packaging. I love the packaging. Though it's considered big since it's a 50ml product, it has slim figure which makes it handy and beautiful. The color is dominated by pink and white color which is very girly ^^ More plus point goes for the airless-pump packaging which is really practical and hygiene. The cap is good too, I never experience any accidental spill off because of the sturdy cap and also airless-pump.

Okay, let's try this on my face!

bare face

So the texture of the BB Cream is thick and creamy. Unlike my other BB Creams, which mostly more liquid than creamy, I gotta say I like the texture. It has only one shade, which is a bit too light for my skin tone, but well, I admit I love brighter complexion, so no problem for me (I just have to finish it with matching loose powder).

As you can see, my face is a bit dull and there are few blemishes, redness, and also dark spots because of the past acne. So, let's see how this BB Cream will solve those problems.

spread it evenly

I usually use my fingers when it comes to daily use. But sometimes I use the HD Foundation Brush from Masami Shouko to create full-coverage. Below, I'll show you both!


As you can see, the result is too bright, but I personally like it. This looks weird because I use flash for these pictures. Since it has SPF inside, so yes, white cast. But to be honest, this BB Cream looks really natural yet give out dewy finish to my face. Moreover, unlike other similar medium coverage BB Cream, this one, despite having thick and creamy texture, feels really lightweight on my face! <3 p="">
gosh, think I gain some weight T_T
The result is nice. It has dewy finish with medium coverage. It covers up my pores, dark spots, uneven skin tone, and dark circles really well. But unfortunately, this BB Cream doesn't cover up my redness, especially the blemishes on my forehead and nose bridge.

And here's my experiment of this BB Cream by blending it using my finger.


soon after  application
See? Soon after the application the result is soooooooooooo white. T_T But, it gets better after a few minutes, trust me. I use this for my everyday life now.

after few minutes
Nah, if you see the above picture, you'll notice that the area around my cheek and chin are getting better. They changed into my original skin tone. So I guess it has color correcting function inside (maybe?).

no flash
This is the final result of Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream using fingers with no flash. Really natural, aight?

So how about the staying power? I usually use this BB Cream alone with no loose powder since I love dewy finish rather than matte finish on my face. Without loose powder fixed my complexion, it stays up until 4-5 hours without blotting on my combination skin (oily T-Zone and dry U-Zone). 

And yes, it stays way loonger if I set it up with loose powder. It stays up until 7-8 hours. Sometimes only the T-Zone got a bit oily. So I said this BB Cream has great staying power and oil control.

after 8 hours

cover the dark spots well
doesn't cover up the redness

Okay, so in conclusion, I chose this BB Cream as my current daily BB Cream since it is:
  • Despite  of the big size,it has slim figure which makes me easy to travel around with this
  • Great oil control
  • Great staying power even without loose powder
  • Feels light on my skin
And some of the drawbacks  I find in this BB Cream are:
  • Doesn't cover the redness well
  • Need time to adjust the shade according to my skin tone

You can check this item out here:
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  1. Wahhhh lagi masuk wish list nih. Pengen jadinya hihihi. Thanks utk reviewnya ^_^

  2. I watched a video in YT where a girl covered his cyst(?) with this BB cream.omg this really works!


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