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Skinmiso Pore Solution: Pore Beauty Nose Pack + T-Zone Serum

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Woohoo! Finally back with review. It's been looong. And anyway I would like to say happy Eid Mubarak to those of you who celebrate it! I'm in my hometown; Palembang, now to celebrate it with my family. Ah, I love holidays, and.. Home. The only thing that I hate here is the INTERNET CONNECTION! Graowl, the connection sucks. Really, I have to go to cafe or donut shop to get the best connection in the town. So, I'm regular to the donut shop there LOL.

Back to the review, I got these products from WISHtrend (again)! Hehe, I always love their products, they bring 'unusual' and cult beauty products from South Korea. The brand is Skinmiso. I will review two products in this post. So, beware of pic spam! :p

First product to be reviewed is Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack Step 1 & 2!

It comes in a plastic, both step 1 and step 2 are wrapped together in a clear plastic along with the black Q-tip to help extracting the blackheads and whiteheads.

This is how to use them.
picture taken from WISHtrend

This step 1 mask is supposed to remove your blackheads and whiteheads.

So this is my nose before the use of Skinmiso.

So, inside the packaging is a nose pore pack.

Unlike Bi*re pore pack, the pack doesn't feel sticky at all. It's very similar to sheet mask for face with thick-texture liquid inside. It smells like mint, and there is a caution that it might 'sting' a bit, and yes I feel the sting, but mild one. So I can bear with that. If you have sensitive skin, you have to be careful!

There is a lot of liquid inside, so I decided to put it on other areas beside nose (chin and cheek around nose), haha, petty me!

I leave it on around 10-15 minutes then carefully remove it.

That is the removed pack.

Then, I use the Q-tip to extract the blackheads and whiteheads. 

I admit that after using the step 1 pack, the black and whiteheads are so easy to be removed (usually I have to pinch so hard that I cried over the pain). Now, only using Q-tip? LOL, so easy.

Okay, now Step 2! 

So step 1 is a contraction and calming mask. It helps to calm the pores after the extraction and tighten up the size of our pores!

The pack is very similar except it has thicker liquid and milder scent. I love the scent more than  Step 1. 

How to put it is just the same with Step 1, put it on your nose for around 10-15 minutes then remove it carefully. 

And here is the picture of both packs after usage.. No hint of residue from blackheads and whiteheads like Bi*re pore pack does, though. So it's new for me.

And as the instruction told us, for Step 2, it's advisable to put the rest of the liquid to your whole face. Hehe

This is my face right after the application. A bit sticky  since it has thick consistency.

 And this is 3 minutes after the application. It absorbs quite fast and doesn't left my face feeling sticky.

So this is the final result of my pores after the usage of Skinmiso Pore Beauty Pack.

Seeeeee!! I was really surprised! Despite of no-residue on the packs it does removing my blackheads and whiteheads and left my face crystal clear!

Let's move on to the second product; Skin Miso T-Zone Serum.

picture taken from WISHtrend

 It is said on WISHtrend that this T-Zone Serum makes your skin to be soft and silky. It helps you to achieve these results too:

  • Pore Tightening
  • Poire Purifying
  • Control Excessive Sebum
  • Skin Elasticity
  • Actualize Velvet-looking Skin
This product is greatly recommended for those who:
  • Large pores, excessive oil, and bad skin texture
  • Excessive oily skin due to uneven balance between oil and moisture
  • Easily wears out the makeup
  • Has trouble with pores and dead skin cells
  • Want soft and smooth skin texture
It comes in a very nice glass, bottle packaging with classic dropper. I just love this kind of packaging, though it's vulnerable but it adds elegance and hygiene. 


The texture is between watery and thick. It smells really nice and soft. Besides, it absorbs real quick (which I love).

And here's my face after 1 minute of application.

It's said that we should use this 1-2 times a week especially after using the Pore Beauty Nose Pack. Hehe, been using this for almost 4 weeks and I LOVE this serum! It helps tightens up my giant pores.

And since it's only being applied to the T-Zone (or whole face for extremely oily face, mine is combination), the content doesn't even decreased half! Another petty side of me.

Hehe, you can get both of these Skinmiso products at WISHtrend with the price as follow:
You can also like WISHtrend  on Facebook, Twitter, and watch WISHtrend TV on Youtube.

See you on next post, beauties!

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  1. Great review dear! It seems to help a bit clearing your blackheads :D



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